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Rule 15 General courtroom procedure/practice

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated9th Judicial District - Hardin District Court

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated
9th Judicial District - Hardin District Court
KY RHDC Rule 15
Rule 15 General courtroom procedure/practice
15.01 No Smoking, Cell phones, Pagers. There will be no smoking permitted in the Courtrooms or hallways of Hardin District Court. The definition of smoking includes electronic cigarettes. Cell Phones/pagers must be set in the “vibrate only/silent alarm” mode or be turned off so as not to create any nuisance or distraction in the courtroom.
15.02 Attorney Attire. All attorneys participating in a court proceeding shall wear suitable attire, in keeping with the dignity of the proceeding. It is expected that men will wear suits or coat and tie. It is expected that women will wear dress, suitdress, or pantsuit.
15.03 Head Attire. No head attire may be worn in the courtroom expect for good cause shown.
15.04 Weapons. No weapons shall be permitted on or about any person in the courtroom or courthouse, except for law enforcement officers in their official duties.
15.05 Children. The presence of young children is discouraged, and if disruptive, they will be required to leave. Bringing young children to Court will not advance a case on the docket, nor will it hamper the ability of the Court to dispose of cases as necessary.
15.06 Counsel Tables. Unless the parties agree otherwise, or unless the Court for good cause shown directs, the Plaintiff or Commonwealth and counsel will occupy the counsel table nearest to the jury box in each courtroom. During trial, only the attorneys actively participating in a trial and the parties shall be seated at counsel tables. During motion days, only attorneys or those indicated by the Court otherwise, shall be seated at counsel tables.
15.07 Attorney Bias. No attorney shall by words or conduct manifest bias or prejudice, including but not limited to bias or prejudice based upon race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or socio-economical status as directed to parties, witnesses, counsel, court staff or others.
15.08 Code of Professional Courtesy. This Court hereby adopts the Code of Professional Courtesy of the Kentucky Bar Association as may be amended from time to time.
15.09. Judicial, Staff and Court Official Courtesy. The Court hereby recognizes the Rules of the Supreme Court in Canon 3.B(4). A judge shall be patient, dignified and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity, and require similar conduct of lawyers and of staff, court officials and others subject to the judge's direction and control.
15.10. Objections. In jury trial, Counsel objecting to evidence or questions shall state the objection and the general nature of the basis of the objection only. If counsel desires to make further argument for reason for objection, counsel shall ask to approach the bench to argue the objections on the record at bench conference.
15.11 Time for summations. The Court may fix the amount of time allowed to counsel for each party for arguments for each party in all jury actions. Counsel may suggest to the Court the time limitation to be placed. If any party is dissatisfied with the time assigned by the court, objections must be noted at the time of the ruling of the Court in that case.
15.12 Improper Argument. No attorney shall assert in argument his personal belief in the justness of his client's cause or in the veracity of any witness. No attorney shall ask a jury to place themselves in the position of his client or of the opposing party.
15.13 Contact with Jurors. After the conclusion of a jury trial and only after the final service of all jurors for that petit jury month, attorneys may contact jurors regarding trials on which the juror served or participated in voir dire. Each juror may decline to speak with any attorney. Attorneys are not to contact any juror until the final conclusion of all petit jury trials for that month so as not to create any appearance of impropriety or overreaching toward any juror.
15.14. Violation of Rules. No attorney shall, nor cause any one on his staff or acting on his behalf, violate these rules of conduct.
15.15. Official Record. The Official Record of the Hardin District Court shall be made on either video or audio recording whichever is more readily available and in working condition.


HISTORY: Amended effective July 22, 2016. Prior amendments effective March 6, 2007.
Hardin District Court Rule 15, KY R HARDIN DIST CT Rule 15
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