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SCR 3.155 Appointment and duties of Bar Counsel

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes AnnotatedRules of the Supreme Court

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated
Rules of the Supreme Court
III Practice of Law (Refs & Annos)
Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR), Rule 3.155
SCR 3.155 Appointment and duties of Bar Counsel
(1) The Board shall appoint a Bar Counsel and such Deputy Bar Counsel as may from time to time be appropriate. Bar Counsel shall be responsible for investigating and prosecuting all disciplinary cases and such other duties as the Board may designate.
(2) Bar Counsel, and such Deputies as may be appointed, shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.
(3) Bar Counsel and all Deputies shall be attorneys licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth.
(4) The Board may employ such Bar Counsel staff as may be appropriate.
(5) Annually, on or before November 1, the Inquiry Commission shall submit to the Board a recommended budget for the succeeding fiscal year along with any recommended changes in annual membership dues to cover costs of administering the duties of the Inquiry Commission and the office of Bar Counsel.


HISTORY: Adopted by Order 98-1, eff. 10-1-98
Note: Former Rules of Appellate Procedure (RAP) were amended and redesignated as Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR) by Order of the Supreme Court effective January 1, 1978. Prior Rules of the Court of Appeals (RCA) had been redesignated as Rules of Appellate Procedure effective March 12, 1976.
Sup. Ct. Rules, Rule 3.155, KY ST S CT Rule 3.155
Current with amendments received through March 1, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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