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FCRPP 38 Duties regarding representation and repayment

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes AnnotatedFamily Court Rules of Procedure and Practice

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated
Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practice
IX. Court-Appointed Counsel
Kentucky Family Rules of Practice and Procedure FCRPP 38
FCRPP 38 Duties regarding representation and repayment
(1) Each indigent party or child is entitled to court appointed counsel to file or defend an appeal brought from a decision of the Circuit or District Court. Once an appeal is filed, the appeal will be a new case requiring a new appointment; however, efforts should be made to appoint the same counsel from the prior case unless there is a conflict of interest or a new appointment is requested by the attorney, the child, or the adult parent or caregiver who is entitled to appointed counsel.
(2) To reduce administrative costs, Courts shall not approve multiple payments to court-appointed counsel for work on the same case except for good cause shown.


HISTORY: Adopted by Order 2020-1, eff. 2-1-20

Editors' Notes

FCRPP 38(2) is intended to apply to multiple payment requests made in the same case. It does not prohibit a single payment request that does not meet the maximum allowable fee. Also, it does not prohibit multiple payments for the same client, provided that the payments are requested for different actions (i.e., multiple trailers, appeals).
KY Family Court Rules FCRPP 38, KY ST FAM CT FCRPP 38
Current with amendments received through May 1, 2020.
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