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§ 1257. Exempt Minimum Clearance Provisions - PRC 4293.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 1.5. Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Chapter 7. Fire Protection [FNA2]
Article 4. Fire Prevention Standards for Electric Utilities
14 CCR § 1257
§ 1257. Exempt Minimum Clearance Provisions - PRC 4293.
(a) The minimum clearance provisions of PRC 4293 applicable in State Responsibility Areas are exempted:
(1) Where conductors are:
(A) insulated tree wire, maintained with the high density, abrasion resistant outer covering intact, or
(B) insulated self-supporting aerial cable, maintained with the insulation intact, or
(C) supported by sound and living tree trunks from which all dead or decadent branches have been removed.
(2) On areas described in 14 CCR 1255(c).
(3) For mature trees (“Exempt Trees”) whose trunks and major limbs are located more than six inches, but less than the distance required for clearance by PRC 4293, from primary distribution equipment (conductor and energy carrying hardware, generally less than 35 kilovolts).
(A) Exempt Trees must meet all of the following criteria, as confirmed by a Certified Arborist or a Registered Professional Forester:
1. The tree or limb must be six (6) inches or more from the line at all times.
2. The size of the tree or limb at the conductor level must be at least six (6) inches in diameter.
3. The tree must not have “scaffold branches,” below eight and one-half feet from the ground (so the tree can not be easily climbed).
(B) All Utility Companies with primary distribution conductors in State Responsibility Areas (SRA) of California shall:
1. Inspect Exempt Trees annually to verify they continue to meet the criteria in 14 CCR 1257(a)(3).
2. Maintain a database of information about Exempt Trees that includes 1) location, using the format of latitude/longitude in decimal degrees (DDD.DDDD Datum WGS84); 2) species; and 3) last date of inspection. If any Utility does not currently maintain such a database it must establish one and provide its initial report to CAL FIRE by July 1, 2013. Utilities may request, and the Director may approve, an extension of time in which to achieve compliance with this reporting requirement.
3. Report the information required pursuant to 14 CCR 1257(a)(B)(2) above, in an electronically researchable format, annually to CAL FIRE by July 1 of each year for the previous calendar year.
4. When constructing, installing, replacing, or maintaining primary distribution equipment, prevent the creation of new Exempt Trees, to the extent feasible.
(C) Where there are site specific indications that a conductor has or will come into contact with an Exempt Tree, or portion thereof as described above, the condition will be corrected either by altering the tree or by applying an engineering solution. The actions taken will be documented in that utility's Exempt Tree database.
(b) These exemptions do not apply to “Hazard Trees” as identified and explained on pages 1-20 through 1-24 in the Department's “Powerline Fire Prevention Field Guide” dated November 2008 and posted on the Department's website at: http://cdfdata.fire.ca.gov/pub/fireplan/fpupload/fppguidepdf126.pdf.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 4111 and 4293, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 4293 and 4296, Public Resources Code.
1. Amendment filed 10-24-2005; operative 11-23-2005 (Register 2005, No. 43).
2. New subsection (a)(3) and amendment of Note filed 4-30-2007; operative 5-30-2007 (Register 2007, No. 18).
3. Amendment of subsection (a)(3) filed 11-26-2008; operative 12-26-2008 (Register 2008, No. 48).
4. Amendment of subsection (a)(3) filed 2-1-2010; operative 2-1-2010 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2010, No. 6).
5. Repealer and new subsection (a)(3), new subsections (a)(3)(A)-(C) and amendment of subsection (b) filed 2-8-2012; operative 2-8-2012 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2012, No. 6).
This database is current through 6/17/22 Register 2022, No. 24
14 CCR § 1257, 14 CA ADC § 1257
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