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§ 2418. Examination Application.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 16. Professional and Vocational Regulations
Division 24. Court Reporters Board of California
Article 3. Examination Requirements, Applications and Procedures
16 CCR § 2418
§ 2418. Examination Application.
(a) Application for examination shall be made on a form prescribed by the board, accompanied by such evidence, statements, or documents as are therein required and by the required fee. An application for examination shall be filed with the board's principal office not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the date set for the examination for which the applicant wishes to be scheduled.
(b) To be eligible for examination, an applicant must present evidence satisfactory to the board of having met one of the requirements enumerated in Section 8020 of the Code within five years immediately preceding the date of the applicant's most recent application for examination or reexamination.
(c) A person seeking to qualify pursuant to subsection (a) of Section 8020 of the Code shall submit the following with the application;
(1) The name, address and type of business of at least three references.
(2) One or more affidavits or declarations executed by persons employing the applicant which certify that the applicant has obtained a total of at least one year of experience in making contemporaneous verbatim records of depositions, arbitrations, hearings, or judicial or related proceedings by means of machine shorthand writing and transcribing such records. This experience must consist of contemporaneous multiple-voice proceedings as would occur in hearings, court proceedings, or depositions. The following types of experience do not satisfy the experience qualifications of this section: captioning, reporting classroom lectures, conferences, police or similar reports, or the transcribing of tapes such as police reports, medical dictation or similar materials.
As used in subsection (a) of Section 8020 of the Code one year means at least 1,400 hours engaged in actually making verbatim records, exclusive of travel.
(d) A person seeking to qualify under subsection (b) of Section 8020 must be enrolled and attending classes at the school through which the applicant qualifies for not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the date the student completes all the qualifications for the certificate. The Board may waive the forty-five (45) day residency requirement upon a showing by the applicant that the change of schools was necessitated by extenuating circumstances such as a spouse being transferred by his or her employer.
(e) A person seeking to qualify under the “equivalent proficiency” provision of subsection (b) of Section 8020 shall submit with his/her application a certificate from a recognized court reporting school evidencing equivalent proficiency in lieu of completion of the minimum prescribed course of study in a recognized court reporting school. Such certificate shall also attest to the applicant's ability to make a verbatim record of unfamiliar material, with four voice dictation, at a speed of 200 words per minute for ten minutes with a minimum of 97.5 percent accuracy and shall be known as a “qualifier” graded in accordance with the method by which the board grades the licensing examination.
(f) A person seeking to qualify under the “valid license” provision of subsection (e) of Section 8020 of the Code shall submit with the application evidence that the applicant possesses an out-of-state license issued pursuant to a statute after completion of all statutory requirements of that state and which is in full force and effect at the time the application is filed with the board.
Note: Authority cited: Section 8007, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 8007 and 8027, Business and Professions Code.
1. Renumbering and amendment of former Section 2419 to Section 2418 filed 5-1-89; operative 5-31-89 (Register 89, No. 18). For prior history, see Register 88, No. 45.
2. Amendment of subsection (c)(2), new subsection (d), subsection relettering and amendment of newly designated subsection (e) filed 1-20-2000; operative 2-19-2000 (Register 2000, No. 3).
3. Amendment of subsection (e) and amendment of Note filed 12-17-2001 as an emergency; operative 1-1-2002 (Register 2001, No. 51). A Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by 5-1-2002 or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.
4. Certificate of Compliance as to 12-17-2001 order transmitted to OAL 4-9-2002 and filed 5-21-2002 (Register 2002, No. 21).
5. Amendment of subsection (d) filed 12-9-2002; operative 1-8-2002 (Register 2002, No. 50).
This database is current through 5/13/22 Register 2022, No. 19
16 CCR § 2418, 16 CA ADC § 2418
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