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§ 2157. Submission of Bids.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 2. Administration
Division 3. State Property Operations
Chapter 1. State Lands Commission
Article 3.5. Disposal of Royalty Oil, Gas or Other Hydrocarbons (Refs & Annos)
2 CCR § 2157
§ 2157. Submission of Bids.
Bids submitted pursuant to a published notice shall contain the following documents:
(a) Two copies of the bid-form completed, and executed. In the event of a joint bid, or a bid by a partnership, each bidder shall execute the bid-form. The insertion of any additional condition, qualification, or provision on said bid-form will invalidate the bid . In the case of joint bidding, or bidding by a partnership, bid data shall be submitted as required by Section 1913, and Section 1914, Title 2 of the California Administrative Code. Corporations executing a bid shall submit with the bid evidence of the authority of the officer or officers executing the bid on behalf of the corporation and shall affix the corporate seal upon the signature page of the bid-form.
(b) Each bidder must submit with his bid evidence of qualification to enter a contract as specified in this Section.
(c) Each bid submitted pursuant to this notice shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or checks of a responsible bank in California and made payable to the State of California in an amount to be determined by the Commission before the offering as a deposit as evidence of the bidder's good faith.
(d) Each bidder shall submit with the bid a certified financial statement establishing to the satisfaction of the Commission such bidder's financial ability to undertake and fulfill all obligations under the prospective contract. Said financial statements shall be certified as to their truth and accuracy by each bidder, as a bidder, or by the person by whom or under whose direction the statements were prepared. Said financial statements shall be accurate as of the date of certification, which date shall be not earlier than the date the Notice of Intention herein was first published. Previously prepared financial statements and/or annual reports may be used by bidders provided that (a) such statements and/or reports are certified, as aforesaid, and (b) the bidder submits a certified statement by the bidder or a responsible financial officer of the bidder that there has been no material change in the financial or other condition of the bidder since the date of preparation of said statement and/or report that would impair the bidder's financial ability to undertake and fulfill all obligations of the bidder under the prospective contract. The certification of such financial statement must be signed by the individual or firm by whom the statement was prepared, as well as by the bidder.
(e) Each bidder shall submit with the bid evidence establishing to the satisfaction of the Commission such bidder's ability to take oil at the point of delivery. An agreement providing for the exchange of royalty oil for their oil or hydrocarbons may be submitted as evidence to establish bidder's ability to take royalty oil at the point of delivery.
(f) Each bidder shall also submit with the bid information concerning installation and maintenance of metering facilities, shipping pumps, pipelines, storage, loading facilities, or any other facilities that may be required to facilitate said royalty oil deliveries. The installation of any such facilities shall be only with the prior approval of the State.
(g) Each bidder shall nominate by letter of authority the name and address of a person authorized to give or receive any notice to or from the State Lands Commission with respect to such bidding and to receive refund of sums accompanying an unsuccessful bid. Said letter shall be submitted with the bid and shall be signed by the bidder, and in the case of joint bids shall be signed by each person or other entity joining in said bid. Unless otherwise expressly provided, the person so authorized to receive notice shall, in the case of the successful bidder, be deemed to be the person duly authorized to give and receive notices on behalf of the bidder.
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2 CCR § 2157, 2 CA ADC § 2157
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