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§ 354.8. Description of Plan Area.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 2. Department of Water Resources
Chapter 1.5. Groundwater Management
Subchapter 2. Groundwater Sustainability Plans
Article 5. Plan Contents
Subarticle 1. Administrative Information
23 CCR § 354.8
§ 354.8. Description of Plan Area.
Each Plan shall include a description of the geographic areas covered, including the following information:
(a) One or more maps of the basin that depict the following, as applicable:
(1) The area covered by the Plan, delineating areas managed by the Agency as an exclusive Agency and any areas for which the Agency is not an exclusive Agency, and the name and location of any adjacent basins.
(2) Adjudicated areas, other Agencies within the basin, and areas covered by an Alternative.
(3) Jurisdictional boundaries of federal or state land (including the identity of the agency with jurisdiction over that land), tribal land, cities, counties, agencies with water management responsibilities, and areas covered by relevant general plans.
(4) Existing land use designations and the identification of water use sector and water source type.
(5) The density of wells per square mile, by dasymetric or similar mapping techniques, showing the general distribution of agricultural, industrial, and domestic water supply wells in the basin, including de minimis extractors, and the location and extent of communities dependent upon groundwater, utilizing data provided by the Department, as specified in Section 353.2, or the best available information.
(b) A written description of the Plan area, including a summary of the jurisdictional areas and other features depicted on the map.
(c) Identification of existing water resource monitoring and management programs, and description of any such programs the Agency plans to incorporate in its monitoring network or in development of its Plan. The Agency may coordinate with existing water resource monitoring and management programs to incorporate and adopt that program as part of the Plan.
(d) A description of how existing water resource monitoring or management programs may limit operational flexibility in the basin, and how the Plan has been developed to adapt to those limits.
(e) A description of conjunctive use programs in the basin.
(f) A plain language description of the land use elements or topic categories of applicable general plans that includes the following:
(1) A summary of general plans and other land use plans governing the basin.
(2) A general description of how implementation of existing land use plans may change water demands within the basin or affect the ability of the Agency to achieve sustainable groundwater management over the planning and implementation horizon, and how the Plan addresses those potential effects.
(3) A general description of how implementation of the Plan may affect the water supply assumptions of relevant land use plans over the planning and implementation horizon.
(4) A summary of the process for permitting new or replacement wells in the basin, including adopted standards in local well ordinances, zoning codes, and policies contained in adopted land use plans.
(5) To the extent known, the Agency may include information regarding the implementation of land use plans outside the basin that could affect the ability of the Agency to achieve sustainable groundwater management.
(g) A description of any of the additional Plan elements included in Water Code Section 10727.4 that the Agency determines to be appropriate.
Note: Authority cited: Section 10733.2, Water Code. Reference: Sections 10720.3, 10727.2, 10727.4, 10733 and 10733.2, Water Code.
1. New section filed 8-15-2016 as an emergency exempt from review by OAL pursuant to Water Code section 10733.2(d); operative 8-15-2016. Pursuant to Water Code section 10733.2(d), these regulations shall remain in effect until revised by the Department of Water Resources (Register 2016, No. 34).
This database is current through 6/26/20 Register 2020, No. 26
23 CCR § 354.8, 23 CA ADC § 354.8
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