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§ 3919.17. Total Maximum Daily Load for Bacteria at San Francisco Bay Beaches.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 4. Regional Water Quality Control Boards
Chapter 1. Water Quality Control Plans, Policies, and Guidelines
Article 2. San Francisco Bay Region
23 CCR § 3919.17
§ 3919.17. Total Maximum Daily Load for Bacteria at San Francisco Bay Beaches.
On April 13, 2016, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted Resolution No. R2-2016-0021, amending the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay Region to address impairment of several San Francisco Bay beaches from bacteria. This amendment establishes total maximum daily loads (TMDL) for bacteria at Aquatic Park beach, Candlestick Point beaches, and Crissy Field beach in San Francisco, and at Parkside Aquatic and Lakeshore beaches in the City of San Mateo. The amendment establishes numeric targets for the fecal indicator bacteria Enterococcus for these beaches and allocates discharges of bacteria to sanitary sewer collection systems, urban runoff, vessels (where present), and controllable wildlife.
The objective of this amendment is to reduce levels of bacteria at the named beaches to protect water quality for recreational uses. It includes an implementation plan for achieving the numeric targets, and monitoring to investigate and identify bacteria sources and to ensure attainment of the targets.
1. New section summarizing amendments to basin plan filed 12-13-2016; amendments approved by State Water Resources Control Board Resolution No. 2016-0046 on 8-16-2016; amendments approved by OAL pursuant to Government Code section 11353 on 12-13-2016 (Register 2016, No. 51).
This database is current through 6/24/22 Register 2022, No. 25
23 CCR § 3919.17, 23 CA ADC § 3919.17
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