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§ 612.62. Overhead Electrical and Communication Utilities.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 2. Department of Water Resources
Chapter 6. Encroachments
Article 6. Requirements for Specific Types of Encroachments
23 CCR § 612.62
§ 612.62. Overhead Electrical and Communication Utilities.
(a) Minimum overhead electrical conductor and communication line clearances shall equal or exceed the California State Public Utilities Commission's General Order 95, “Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction” (REV 1/2012), pages III-24 through III-34, inclusively, hereby incorporated by reference .
(b) The following additional departmental requirements shall apply to overhead electrical/communication installations across the State Water Project's canals:
(1) Twenty-five (25)-foot minimum clearance above operating roads and berms from the lowest sag point of the electric conductor or communications line.
(2) Twenty (20)-foot minimum clearance above existing ground surfaces within full cut sections and finished spoil or protective embankments from the lowest sag point of the electric conductor or communication line.
(c) The Department requires the following items for an overhead line crossing:
(1) Poles or towers shall not be allowed within the Department's right-of-way. Exceptions will only be considered by the Department if the placement of the pole or tower will not affect the Department's ability to operate, maintain or modify the State Water Project Aqueduct.
(2) Overhead electrical and communication lines shall cross perpendicular to the centerline of the State Water Project's facility.
(d) A marker warning sign shall be provided, showing the clearance and line voltage. The warning sign shall face oncoming traffic and state “DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE OVERHEAD.”
(e) An Emergency Response Plan must be submitted to the Department for review and approval.
Note: Authority cited: Section 12899.9, Water Code. Reference: Sections 12899, 12899.1(a), 12899.1(c) and 12899.2, Water Code.
1. New section filed 4-22-2015; operative 7-1-2015 (Register 2015, No. 17).
This database is current through 6/24/22 Register 2022, No. 25
23 CCR § 612.62, 23 CA ADC § 612.62
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