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§ 2695.42. Training Standards.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 10. Investment
Chapter 5. Insurance Commissioner
Subchapter 7.5.1. Insurance Adjuster Training for Evaluating Earthquake Damage
10 CCR § 2695.42
§ 2695.42. Training Standards.
Every insurer shall provide training regarding the handling of earthquake claims to insurance adjusters who evaluate earthquake claims for or on behalf of the insurer. The insurer may provide the training directly or have the training provided by another entity. The insurer shall ensure that the course of instruction meets all requirements set forth in this Section 2695.42. An adjuster trained and accredited by one insurer shall be deemed accredited in order to adjust claims for a different insurer unless such insurer includes additional requirements. The content of the training required by this section shall include the following topics:
(a) The California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5, Section 2695.1 - 2696.14, inclusive. Demonstration of compliance with the annual training and certification requirements of 10 CCR 2695.6 shall satisfy an insurance adjuster's training requirements prescribed by this subsection.
(b) Determination of Scope of Loss: Adjusters shall be trained how to conduct a thorough examination of the property to be inspected including but not limited to: attics, crawlspaces, roofs, chimneys, foundations, and structural areas. The adjuster shall be trained how to make a complete listing of all recent earthquake damage. Training pursuant to this subsection shall include building code upgrade issues and procedures to be followed if additional hidden earthquake damage is found after repair of earthquake damage has begun.
(c) Loss Estimation Techniques: Adjusters shall be trained how to create or obtain an accurate estimate of all covered earthquake damage. The adjuster shall be trained regarding the appropriate level of detail to be contained in the estimate and the documentation necessary to support the estimate. Adjusters shall be trained to reevaluate the estimate if the actual costs of repair differ from the costs listed on the original estimate.
(d) Determination of Necessity for Engineer or Expert: Adjusters shall be trained how to evaluate visible damage and indicia of hidden damage to determine when to consult with an engineer or other expert.
(e) California Department of Insurance Earthquake Mediation Program: Adjusters shall receive training regarding the Earthquake Claims Mediation Program of the California Department of Insurance set forth at California Insurance Code Section 10089.70 and California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.6, Sections 2696.1 through 2696.10, inclusive.
(f) Assessment of Damage to Concrete Surfaces and Foundations: Adjusters shall be trained on the basic techniques used to determine the difference between preexisting cracks in the concrete of structures and new cracks caused by an earthquake. Complete training pursuant to this subsection shall include methodology for determining when repair or replacement of the concrete is appropriate and proper methods for concrete repair including, but not limited to injected epoxy methods.
(g) Subsequently Discovered Earthquake Damage: Adjusters shall be trained on the basic requirements of current law regarding the obligation of the insurer to investigate any earthquake damage that is discovered or reported and when it may be appropriate to seek legal counsel to assist in making this determination.
(h) Programs Designed to Assist Earthquake Victims: Adjusters shall be trained regarding the existence of United States Small Business Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency or other similar programs intended to assist earthquake victims. Training pursuant to this subsection shall include an overview of these programs and deadlines, and how these programs and deadlines interact with the underlying earthquake insurance claim.
Note: Authority cited: Section 10089.3, California Insurance Code. Reference: Sections 790.03(h), 10089.3 and 10089.70, California Insurance Code; and Sections 2695.1-2695.14 and 2696.1-2696.10, Title 10, California Code of Regulations.
1. New section filed 3-25-2004; operative 3-25-2004 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2004, No. 13).
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10 CCR § 2695.42, 10 CA ADC § 2695.42
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