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§ 599.720. Reimbursement for Movement of a Trailer Coach.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 2. Administration
Division 1. Administrative Personnel
Chapter 3. Department of Human Resources
Subchapter 1. General Civil Service Rules
Article 7. Moving and Relocation Expenses
2 CCR § 599.720
§ 599.720. Reimbursement for Movement of a Trailer Coach.
For the movement of a trailer coach that contains the household effects of an officer or employee, and has served as the employee's residence at the previous location at the time of notification of relocation, reimbursement will be allowed as follows:
(a) For tolls, taxes, charges, fees or permits fixed by the state or local authority required for the transportation or assembly of trailer coaches actually incurred by the employee.
(b) Where transportation of the trailer coach is by the employee distance may be claimed for a one-way trip at the rates specified in section 599.630(b) or 599.631(b) of these regulations.
(c) For charges not to exceed $2,000 for disassembly and assembly of the trailer, including, but not limited to, disassembly and assembly of trailer, skirts, awnings, porches, the trailer coach itself and other miscellaneous documented, itemized expenses related to the dissolution of the old household and/or the establishment of the new household.
(1) Three competitive bids shall be obtained and reimbursement up to the maximum, allowed at the lowest bid.
(2) Reimbursement received under this section precludes any additional reimbursement under section 599.715 of these regulations.
(3) Exceptions to this section may be granted by the Department if it has been documented that the movement of the trailer coach was conducted in the most economical fashion available and that the total cost of said movement did not exceed the probable cost of moving and relocation expenses incurred by a comparable conventional move.
(d) Where transportation of the trailer coach is by a commercial mobile home transporter:
(1) movement of the trailer coach at rates not exceeding the minimum rates established by the California Public Utilities Commission for mobile home transporters;
(2) charges at California Public Utilities Commission minimum rates to obtain permits identified above; and
(3) storage-in-transit not in excess of 60 calendar days at California Public Utilities Commission minimum rates.
(e) Reimbursement will not be allowed for:
(1) purchase of parts and materials except for those items necessary to comply with minimum requirements of the California Code of Regulations, title 25, chapter 5;
(2) repairs including tires and tubes, and breakdown in transit;
(3) costs associated with maintenance of the trailer coach or for separate shipment of household effects by a household goods carrier which cannot be transported in the trailer coach.
(f) Reimbursement will be allowed for the actual cost supported by voucher of rental and installation of axles necessary to comply with the requirements of California Vehicle Code chapter 5, article 1.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 18502, 19815.4(d) and 19820, Government Code. Reference: Section 19841, Government Code.
1. Change without regulatory effect amending section and Note filed 10-13-2014 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2014, No. 42).
This database is current through 5/6/22 Register 2022, No. 18
2 CCR § 599.720, 2 CA ADC § 599.720
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