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§ 18995.2. Implementation Record and Recordkeeping Requirements.

14 CA ADC § 18995.2Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 7. Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
Chapter 12. Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
Article 14. Enforcement Requirements
14 CCR § 18995.2
§ 18995.2. Implementation Record and Recordkeeping Requirements.
(a) A jurisdiction shall maintain all records required by this chapter in the Implementation Record.
(b) The Implementation Record shall be stored in one central location, physical or electronic, that can be readily accessed by the Department.
(c) Upon request by the Department, the jurisdiction shall provide access to the Implementation Record within ten business days.
(d) All records and information shall be included in the Implementation Record within 60 days of the creation of the record or information.
(e) All records shall be retained by the jurisdiction for five years.
(f) At a minimum, the following shall be included in the Implementation Record:
(1) A copy of all ordinances or other similarly enforceable mechanisms, contracts, and agreements, as required by this chapter.
(2) A written description of the jurisdiction's inspection and enforcement program that it uses to comply with Sections 18995.1 and 18995.4.
(3) All organic waste collection service records required by Section 18984.4.
(4) All contamination minimization records required by Section 18984.6.
(5) All waiver and exemption records required by Section 18984.14.
(6) All education and outreach records required by Section 18985.3.
(7) All hauler program records required by Section 18988.4.
(8) All jurisdiction edible food recovery program records required by Section 18991.2.
(9) All recovered organic waste procurement target records required by Section 18993.2.
(10) All recycled content paper procurement records required by Section 18993.4.
(11) All inspection, route review, and compliance review documents generated pursuant to the requirements of Section 18995.1(d).
(12) All records of enforcement actions undertaken pursuant to this chapter.
(13) All records of complaints and investigations of complaints required by Section 18995.3 and compliance with the jurisdiction's inspection and enforcement requirements of Sections 18995.1.
(14) All records required by Section 18998.4 if the jurisdiction is implementing a performance-based source separated organic waste collection service under Article 17 of this chapter.
(g) All records maintained in the Implementation Record shall be subject to the requirements and applicable disclosure exemptions of the Public Records Act as set forth in Government Code Section 6250 et seq.


Note: Authority cited: Sections 40502, 43020, 43021 and 42652.5, Public Resources Code. Reference: Section 42652.5, Public Resources Code; and Section 39730.6, Health and Safety Code.
1. New section filed 11-3-2020; operative 1-1-2022 pursuant to Public Resources Code section 42652.2(a)(6) (Register 2020, No. 45).
This database is current through 2/16/24 Register 2024, No. 7.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 14, § 18995.2, 14 CA ADC § 18995.2
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