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§ 66264.11. Identification Number.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 22. Social Security
Division 4.5. Environmental Health Standards for the Management of Hazardous Waste
Chapter 14. Standards for Owners and Operators of Hazardous Waste Transfer, Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
Article 2. General Facility Standards
22 CCR § 66264.11
§ 66264.11. Identification Number.
Every facility owner or operator shall apply to the Department for an Identification Number in accordance with the following notification procedure:
(a) For facilities required to obtain an identification number pursuant to 40 CFR Parts 250 to 270 (incorporated by reference in section 66260.11 of this division), by notifying the USEPA pursuant to 40 CFR Section 264.11; or
(b) For any other facility which treats, stores, transfers, or disposes of hazardous waste, by notifying the Department pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 25158.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 208, 25150 and 25159, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 25159 and 25159.5, Health and Safety Code; 40 CFR Section 264.11.
1. New section filed 5-24-91; effective 7-1-91 (Register 91, No. 22).
This database is current through 11/19/21 Register 2021, No. 47
22 CCR § 66264.11, 22 CA ADC § 66264.11
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