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§ 1056. Course Recertification.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 11. Law
Division 2. Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
Article 3. Regulatory Procedures
11 CCR § 1056
§ 1056. Course Recertification.
Each POST-certified course shall be reviewed prior to July 1st by the presenter. Courses originally certified by POST in even years will be reviewed in even years and courses originally certified in odd years will be reviewed in odd years. The POST Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) will automatically place courses scheduled for review into modification on July 1st. During the modification process, POST staff shall review the course to evaluate the continuing need for the course, relevance of curriculum, and adherence to requirements for course certification per Regulations 1052 and 1059, and course presentation per Regulation 1055. The presenter shall submit the course to POST once the review/changes are complete. POST shall review the course in a timely manner for final approval. POST-developed multimedia training courses are automatically recertified and shall not receive a biannual review. Basic courses, as defined in Commission Procedure, section D-1 and Commission Regulation 1008 may be modified, by the Commission, biannually and are subject to review on that basis.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 13503 and 13506, Penal Code. Reference: Section 13503(e), Penal Code.
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This database is current through 10/8/21 Register 2021, No. 41
11 CCR § 1056, 11 CA ADC § 1056
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