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§ 599.636.1. Return of Remains of Deceased Employees - Excluded Employees.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 2. Administration
Division 1. Administrative Personnel
Chapter 3. Department of Human Resources
Subchapter 1. General Civil Service Rules
Article 2. Traveling Expenses
2 CCR § 599.636.1
§ 599.636.1. Return of Remains of Deceased Employees - Excluded Employees.
When a state officer or employee dies while travelling on official state business, reimbursement may be claimed for actual and reasonable expenses incurred in transporting, in state, the remains to the place of burial, (up to the amount necessary to return the remains) or to the official headquarters of the deceased. Claims for the reimbursement of such expenses shall be submitted to the State Controller by the person responsible for payment of the funeral expenses. Each claim shall bear a certification by the appointing power that the employee was travelling on official state business at the time of his/her death. Actual costs of the following will be considered necessary travel expenses for which reimbursement will be made.
(a) In all cases, regardless of mode of transportation:
(1) Telephone or telegraph charges for shipment arrangements.
(2) Transportation of the remains to the funeral home and preparing the remains for shipment.
(b) When a portion of the shipment is by common carrier:
(1) Transportation by common carrier to the receiving point nearest the official headquarters or place of burial in the state where headquartered.
(2) Transportation one way from a funeral home to a shipping station and from the receiving station determined by subsection (1) above to the headquarters location or place of burial, as applicable.
(3) Outside transportation case or metal transfer case as required.
(c) When shipment is made by funeral coach alone, reasonable transportation costs for mileage one way, from the pick-up point to the city in which the official headquarters of the deceased was located, or to the place of burial in that state, whichever is designated by the surviving responsible party.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 18502, 19815.4(d) and 19820, Government Code. Reference: Sections 19849.3 and 19463, Government Code.
1. New section filed 12-27-95; operative 1-1-96. Submitted to OAL for printing only pursuant to Government Code section 3539.5 (Register 95, No. 52).
2. Change without regulatory effect amending section heading, subsections (b) and (b)(2) and Note filed 10-13-2014 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2014, No. 42).
This database is current through 4/22/22 Register 2022, No. 16
2 CCR § 599.636.1, 2 CA ADC § 599.636.1
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