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§ 19035. Magnet to Remove Ferrous Material.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 17. Public Health
Division 1. State Department of Health Services
Chapter 5. Sanitation (Environmental)
Subchapter 2. Foods and Drugs
Group 2. Definitions and Standards
Article 16. Processed Pet Food Regulations (Refs & Annos)
17 CCR § 19035
§ 19035. Magnet to Remove Ferrous Material.
(a) All pet food processors are hereby required to install between the cooker and the filling machine a magnetic separator with a holding power of not less than 125 pounds per square inch to remove ferrous material. The magnetic exposure area shall be not less than 6 inches by 10 inches.
(1) The magnet shall be so installed that the material to be processed shall pass the magnet in a relatively thin stream.
(2) If an electro-magnet is used it shall be fitted with a trap to prevent any material already removed from passing to the filler, in the event of a power failure. The switch operating an electro-magnet shall be equipped with a red signal light.
(b) A magnetic separator specified in Section 19035(a) is not required if it is demonstrated to the Department's satisfaction that equivalent protection is being provided by the use of other methods or devices.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 208 and 27040(c), Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 27030 and 27040(c), Health and Safety Code.
1. Editorial correction adding NOTE filed 4-13-84 (Register 84, No. 15).
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17 CCR § 19035, 17 CA ADC § 19035
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