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§ 1100.2. Definitions.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 13. Motor Vehicles
Division 2. Department of the California Highway Patrol
Chapter 5. Special Vehicles
Article 1. Ambulances (Refs & Annos)
13 CCR § 1100.2
§ 1100.2. Definitions.
Unless otherwise specified, the following definitions shall apply for the purposes of this article:
(a) Ambulance. A vehicle specially constructed, modified or equipped, and used for the purpose of transporting sick, injured, convalescent, infirm, or otherwise incapacitated persons.
(b) Ambulance Driver Certificate. A California Ambulance Driver Certificate or a California Special Driver Certificate valid for driving an ambulance.
(c) Ambulance Service. The private or public organization or individual providing an ambulance for use in emergency service.
(d) Department. Department of the California Highway Patrol.
(e) Emergency Call. A request for an ambulance to transport or assist persons in apparent sudden need of medical attention; or, in a medical emergency, as determined by a physician, to transport blood, any therapeutic device, accessory to such device, or tissue or organ for transplant.
(f) Emergency Service. The functions performed in response to an emergency call. Emergency service also includes transportation of a patient, regardless of a presumption of death of the patient, or transportation of a body for the purpose of making an anatomical gift, as provided in Section 12811, Vehicle Code, and the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, Health and Safety Code.
Note: Authority cited: Section 2512, Vehicle Code. Reference: Sections 165, 2416, 2501, 2511 and 2512, Vehicle Code.
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13 CCR § 1100.2, 13 CA ADC § 1100.2
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