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§ 3919.12. Refinement of Beneficial Uses for Hayward Marsh.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 4. Regional Water Quality Control Boards
Chapter 1. Water Quality Control Plans, Policies, and Guidelines
Article 2. San Francisco Bay Region
23 CCR § 3919.12
§ 3919.12. Refinement of Beneficial Uses for Hayward Marsh.
San Francisco Bay Water Board Resolution R2-2011-0057 amended the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay Region (Basin Plan). The State Water Resources Control Board approved the amendment under Resolution No. 2011-0057, on December 5, 2011. The Basin Plan amendment refines the beneficial uses specific to Hayward Marsh by adding Hayward Marsh to Table 2-4 as a distinct water body; removing water contact recreation as a beneficial use; adding the protection of rare and endangered species beneficial use, and sustaining other existing beneficial uses. The amendment also clarifies the water quality objectives that apply to wastewater discharges into Hayward Marsh.
1. New section summarizing amendments to basin plan filed 2-27-2012; amendments approved by State Water Resources Control Board Resolution No. 2011-0057 on 12-5-2011; amendments approved by OAL pursuant to Government Code section 11353 on 2-27-2012 (Register 2012, No. 9).
This database is current through 6/24/22 Register 2022, No. 25
23 CCR § 3919.12, 23 CA ADC § 3919.12
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