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§ 2799.1. Subdivision Advertising Criteria.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 10. Investment
Chapter 6. Real Estate Commissioner
Article 12. Subdivisions (Refs & Annos)
10 CCR § 2799.1
§ 2799.1. Subdivision Advertising Criteria.
(a) Standards which will be applied by the Real Estate Commissioner in determining whether advertising for sale or lease of subdivision interests is false, untrue or misleading within the meaning of those terms in Sections 10140, 10177(c), 11022 and 17500 of the Business and Professions Code shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:
(1) Advertising shall not imply a use of a subdivision interest that is not set forth in the Notice of Intention and Questionnaire comprising the application for a public report or permit.
(2) A subdivision shall not be advertised under a name, designation or appellation that is not set forth in a Notice of Intention and Questionnaire.
(3) A subdivision shall not be advertised by a name or trade style which implies, contrary to fact, that the subdivider or his agent is a bona fide research organization, public agency, nonprofit organization or similar entity.
(4) No improvement, facility or utility service may be advertised unless it has been completed or installed and is available for use, or unless completion and availability for use are assured through bonding or other arrangements approved by the commissioner. If not completed, the estimated date of completion shall be set forth in the advertising.
(5) There shall be no reference to the prospective availability of private facilities outside of the subdivision for the use and enjoyment of purchasers of subdivision interests if the facilities are to be constructed or installed by the subdivider or an affiliated entity unless financial arrangements for completion or installation have been approved by the commissioner.
(6) There shall be no reference to proposed or uncompleted private facilities over which the subdivider has no control unless the estimated date of completion is set forth and unless evidence has been presented to the commissioner that the completion and operation of the facilities are reasonably assured within the time represented in the advertisement.
(7) Unless the facilities and improvements listed below have been completed, or unless financial and other arrangements for completion have been made, subdivided land offered for residential use shall not be described as “improved,” “developed,” or by similar terms without disclosure of any facility or improvement listed below that is not included in the offering:
(A) Paved roads within the subdivision.
(B) A potable water system.
(C) A sewage system.
(D) A source of electricity at the building site.
(8) Reference shall not be made to a proposed public facility or project which purports to affect the value and utility of subdivided lands without a disclosure of the existing status of the proposed facility based upon information supplied or verified by the authority responsible for the public facility or project.
(9) A subdivider shall not advertise the availability of financing for on-site construction unless he has a bona fide written expression of an intention to finance such construction by a recognized lender or unless the subdivider has established to the satisfaction of the commissioner that financing of on-site construction will be provided by a source other than a recognized lender.
(10) Pictoral or illustrative depictions of the subdivision and surrounding lands must accurately portray the land as it exists and proposed improvements as they will be constructed.
(11) Pictoral or illustrative depictions other than unmodified photographs shall bear a prominent disclosure identifying the nature of the depiction, e.g., ARTIST'S CONCEPTION and a legend identifying those improvements which are not then in existence.
(12) If a map or diagram is used to show the location of the subdivision in relation to other places, actual road miles from each other place to the subdivision shall be shown or the map or diagram shall be prepared to scale and shall include a scale of miles.
(13) If there is advertising of streets, roads, sewers, storm drains or other utilities which have not been accepted for maintenance by a public entity, that fact must be disclosed in the advertising. Rights-of-way for passenger vehicles to a subdivision or to lots within a subdivision which have not been accepted for maintenance by a public entity shall be adequately described in terms of roadbed and surfacing.
(14) If the existence of a lake, river, canal or other body of water, which is subject to a fluctuating water level other than through natural causes, is advertised as a feature of the subdivision, any significant effect of the fluctuation upon the use of the water facility and upon the subdivision interests shall be described.
(15) No advertisement shall imply that a facility is available for the exclusive use of purchasers of subdivision interests if a public right of access or of use of the facility exists.
(16) There shall be no reference to the availability for use byowners of subdivision interests of private clubs or facilities inwhich an owner will not acquire a proprietary interest through purchase of a subdivision interest without an accompanying disclosure that the existence of the facilities and their availability for use by subdivision interest owners are at the pleasure of the owner of the facility.
(17) An advertisement of any facility in which a purchaser will acquire a proprietary interest with his purchase of a subdivision must set forth the estimated costs and other obligations of the purchaser with respect to the facility or shall refer the purchaser to a fact sheet or similar source of this information.
(18) No representation may be made that subdivision interests being offered for sale can be further divided unless a full disclosure is included as to the legal requirements for further division of the interests.
(19) Subdivision interests may not be advertised as available at a particular minimum price if the number of subdivision interests available at that price comprise less than 10% of the unsold inventory of the subdivider, unless the number of lots then for sale at the minimum price is set forth in the advertisement.
(20) Advertising of a discounted purchase price shall not be made unless the subdivider has established base prices for application of the discount through a substantial number of sales at base prices.
(21) A prospective increase in the price of a subdivision interest other than an interest offered with an on-site residential, commercial or industrial structure may not be implied nor shall a price increase of such a subdivision interest be announced more than sixty days prior to the date that the increase will be placed into effect.
(22) If the phrase “closing costs only” or similar terminology is used to describe the price of a subdivision interest, the estimated dollar amount of the costs must be set forth in the advertisement.
(23) The total amount of any special bonded indebtedness, or the range of such bonded indebtedness, against the subdivision interests shall be set forth in any advertisement which states or implies that off-site improvements for the subdivision have been completed and paid for in connection with the development of the project. If the selling price of a subdivision interest is advertised, the special bonded indebtedness against that subdivision interest shall be given equal prominence with the selling price unless the bonded indebtedness is included in the advertised selling price.
(24) No representation shall be made as to the availability of a resale program offered by or on behalf of the subdivider unless the resale program has been made a part of the offering as submitted to the commissioner.
(25) An asterisk or other reference symbol may be used to explain, but not to contradict or to change the ordinary meaning of the material in the body of the advertisement.
(26) Unless an offer made in connection with a sales promotion is unequivocally without conditions, the terms “free,” “no obligation” or terms of similar import may not be used to describe that which is offered.
(27) Offers of travel, accommodations, meals or entertainment at no cost or reduced cost, the purpose of which is to promote sales, shall not be described as “awards,” “prizes” or by words of similar import.
(28) Offers or solicitations of trip reservations to visit subdivided property or any other place where a sales presentation for subdivided property is to be made shall set forth all conditions, limitations or qualifications that will be applied before the recipient will be allowed to make the trip.
(29) The approximate retail value of any gift, prize or premium offered through an advertisement to prospective purchasers shall be set forth in the advertisement.
(30) Complete rules and procedures for any contest or drawing advertised in connection with the marketing of subdivision interests shall be included in the advertisement, or the advertisement shall state the means by which a person can secure full information concerning said rules and procedures prior to his participation in the contest or drawing.
(31) Advertising shall not include testimonials or endorsements which contain matters which the subdivider would be precluded by law or regulation from making in his own behalf.
(32) An offer or inducement to purchase which purports to be limited as to quantity or restricted as to time shall set forth the numerical quantity and/or time applicable to the offer or inducement.
(33) An advertisement or an offering of undivided or fractional interests in a subdivision, which does not include a right of exclusive ownership or occupancy of a particular lot, parcel or unit by the purchaser, shall disclose the total number of undivided or fractional interests to be offered for sale in the subdivision.
(34) If the subdivision offering involves something less than a fee interest with an exclusive and perpetual right to occupy a lot, parcel or unit, e.g., a leasehold or time-sharing-ownership interest, the limitations and restrictions on occupancy rights shall be included in the advertisement or the advertisement shall refer the purchaser to a fact sheet or similar source of this information.
(35) No direct mail advertisement purporting to have resulted through a referral shall be used unless the solicitation includes the name of the person making said referral.
(36) Investment merit or profit potential of a subdivision interest other than an interest which is offered with an on-site residential, commercial or industrial structure shall not be expressed or implied unless the commissioner has determined from evidence submitted by or on behalf of the subdivider that the representation is neither false nor misleading.
(37) Statements appearing in the public report for a subdivision shall not be quoted, paraphrased or cited out of context nor shall any part of the public report be underscored, italicized, bold faced or otherwise highlighted except in strict conformance with highlighting in the public report itself.
Note: Authority cited: Section 11001, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 10140, 10177, 11022 and 17500, Business and Professions Code.
1. New section filed 9-18-63; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 63, No. 14).
2. Amendment filed 12-30-70; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 71, No. 1).
3. Repealer and new section filed 12-7-73; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 73, No. 49).
4. New subsection (a)(37) filed 7-1-83; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 83, No. 30).
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10 CCR § 2799.1, 10 CA ADC § 2799.1
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