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§ 4000.2.

4 CA ADC § 4000.2Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 4. Business Regulations
Division 9. Division of Measurement Standards, Department of Food and Agriculture
Chapter 1. Tolerances and Specifications for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices
Article 1. National Uniformity, Exceptions and Additions
4 CCR § 4000.2
§ 4000.2.
The fees for type evaluation are as follows:
(a) Evaluator Time. The evaluator hourly rate (Department employee) is $150 per hour. The overtime rate is one and a half times the hourly rate. If a non-Departmental evaluator is used, the applicant will be billed directly at a rate set by them.
(b) Per Diem. The per diem rate shall be the current rate established by the California Department of General Services in the State Administrative Manual.
(c) Travel and Transportation Costs. These shall be the actual round trip costs of transportation for the evaluator to and from the evaluator's home base and the test site, in the event that tests cannot be performed locally. Transportation costs include evaluator's time, airfare, rail or other fare, vehicle rental, tolls, parking and mileage costs.
(d) Equipment.
(1) Environmental Chamber: $600 per device per full cycle, which includes testing at four different temperatures at three hours per temperature. $300 per device for less than a full cycle.
(2) Pickup Truck, Van, or other Light Duty Vehicle: $48 per day plus $0.55 per mile.
(3) Pickup Truck, Van, or other Light Duty Vehicle used for carrying or pulling standards or equipment: $60 per day and $0.72 per mile.
(4) Heavy Capacity Scale Test Truck, carrying standards up to 20,000 lb: $200 minimum charge, $600 per day, plus $3.60 per mile.
(5) Liquid Propane Prover Trailer, 25 and 100 gallon sizes: $240 per day.
(6) Compressed Natural Gas Prover Bottle, (9.33 GGE or 53 lbs.): $120 per day.
(7) Electric Watt-Hour Meter Test Unit: $100 per day.
(8) One, Three, or Five Gallon Test Measure: $40 per day per test measure.
(9) 50 Gallon Prover: $100 per day.
(10) 305 Gallon Prover: $125 per day.
(11) Gravimetric Test Equipment: $125 per day.
(12) Stillman Bottle: $100 per day.
(13) Nozzle Test Vessel: $75 per evaluation.
(14) Bell Prover: $125 per vapor meter evaluated.
(15) Water Meter Test Bench: $100 per water meter evaluation.
(16) Repetitive Load Tester: $50 per device < 50 lb and $75 per device > 50 lb, per day.
(17) Other unspecified equipment necessary for the evaluation: $100 per day.
(e) Additional Tests: Utility Meters and Load Cells.
(1) Utility Meter Laboratory Throughput: $125 per device for each vapor meter, $20 per day for each water meter, $15 per day for each electric meter.
(2) Load Cell Testing and Equipment: $7,200 per evaluation and $3,600 for each additional evaluation per application.
(f) Certificate fees and other charges.
(1) Certificate of Approval: $750 per application or device, up to two pages.
(2) Additional Pages, Certificate Updates, Amendments: $180 per each page reviewed, modified, or changed.
(3) Letter of Certificate from California Air Resources Board: $300 per device, component, or part reviewed.


Note: Authority cited: Sections 12027, 12107 and 12500.9, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 12107 and 12500.9, Business and Professions Code.
1. New section filed 12-30-2011; operative 12-30-2011 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2011, No. 52).
This database is current through 2/9/24 Register 2024, No. 6.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 4, § 4000.2, 4 CA ADC § 4000.2
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