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§ 600. Inspection.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 3. Food and Agriculture
Division 2. Animal Industry
Chapter 1. Dairies
Article 21. Milk Inspection Services
3 CCR § 600
§ 600. Inspection.
(a) Inspection of market milk shall consist of laboratory examinations of the products and adequate supervision of the equipment and methods of the various producers and distributors.
(b) Guidelines for the inspection of dairy farms producing manufacturing milk shall be those currently published by the United States Department of Agriculture entitled “General Instructions For Performing Farm Inspections According To The USDA Recommended Requirements For Milk For Manufacturing Purposes And Its Production And Processing For Adoption By State Regulatory Agencies.”
(c) For the purpose of this section and section 601; “producer” means any dairy farm described in section 32505 of the Food and Agricultural Code; “distributor” means any person that purchases or handles any milk, cream, or any dairy product for processing, manufacture, or sale in this state; “retail store” means any person that owns or operates a retail grocery store, restaurant, confectionery, or other similar business where milk, cream, or any dairy product is sold to the general public; and, “market milk product” means any uncultured milk product with a standard of composition requiring fluid market milk or any derivative of market milk.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 407 and 33083, Food and Agricultural Code. Reference: Sections 33321, 33322 and 36331, Food and Agricultural Code.
1. Amendment filed 2-26-82; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 82, No. 9).
This database is current through 7/29/22 Register 2022, No. 30
3 CCR § 600, 3 CA ADC § 600
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