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§ 3911. Use of Constructed Wetlands for Urban Runoff Pollution Control.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 4. Regional Water Quality Control Boards
Chapter 1. Water Quality Control Plans, Policies, and Guidelines
Article 2. San Francisco Bay Region
23 CCR § 3911
§ 3911. Use of Constructed Wetlands for Urban Runoff Pollution Control.
Constructed wetlands approved under the policy would be waste treatment systems in accordance with 40 CFR Part 122.2, and, as such, would not be waters of the United States. Policy provisions require that the wetland be an “artificial” or constructed system built on an upland site with the primary purpose of treatment. Adequate land and management resources must be committed to the project, wildlife monitoring and vector control programs are required, and the treatment wetlands may not be used to satisfy requirements for wetlands loss mitigation. In addition, a required management plan would include descriptive information, an operations and maintenance plan, and a monitoring plan. The management plan would be the chief means by which the Regional Board would review and/or approve a proposal under the policy. Upon project approval, the management plan would serve as the operations manual for the constructed treatment wetland.
1. New section filed 4-25-95; operative 4-25-95. Resolution No. 94-102 adopted by the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board 8-17-94. Resolution No. 94-107 adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board 11-17-94. Approved by OAL pursuant to Government Code section 11353 (Register 95, No. 17).
This database is current through 6/24/22 Register 2022, No. 25
23 CCR § 3911, 23 CA ADC § 3911
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