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§ 8. Applications.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 1. Central Valley Flood Protection Board
Chapter 1. Organization, Powers and Standards
Article 3. Application Procedures (Refs & Annos)
23 CCR § 8
§ 8. Applications.
(a) All applications for approval must be on forms provided by the board. The board provides a standard application for most projects. When available, a special joint permit application may be used by an applicant. Applications to the board must be typewritten or in legible handwriting in ink and signed by or on behalf of the applicant. Applicants must furnish copies of other material as may be needed by the board and its staff to adequately determine the exact nature of the proposed work and its effect upon any project facilities or adopted plan of flood control. Applications and all associated material must be filed in quadruplicate (4 copies) with the office of the board. A copy of the standard application form is found in Appendix A. Applicants should contact the board if their project is covered under a joint permit application form previously approved by the board.
(b) Information furnished to the board must include:
(1) A description of the proposed work, together with a statement of the dates the planned construction will be initiated and completed.
(2) A completed copy of the Environmental Assessment Questionnaire that accompanies the application form from the board (See Appendix A) and a copy of any draft and final environmental review document prepared for the project, such as an initial study, environmental assessment, negative declaration, notice of exemption, or environmental impact report. For any reasonably foreseeable significant environmental impacts, mitigation for such impacts shall be proposed.
(3) Complete plans and specifications showing the proposed work, including a location map showing the site of the work with relation to topographic features; a plan view of the area; and adequate cross sections through the area of the proposed work. The plans must be drawn to scale and refer to National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD), or other known datum. The plans must also indicate any project features such as levees and/or channels, roads, or other structures, and must show river mile or levee mile references. The dimensions of any proposed or existing fills, excavations, and construction must be given.
(4) Additional information, such as geotechnical exploration, soil testing, hydraulic or sediment transport studies, biological surveys, environmental surveys and other analyses may be required at any time prior to board action on the application.
(5) The names and addresses of all landowners of the property on which the project is located and all landowners adjacent to the property on which the project is located.
(c) The Board may waive minor variations in an application.
(d) Permit application review fees shall be submitted by the applicant at the time of application submittal. The current permit review fee schedule is included in Appendix B.
(e) Construction inspection fees shall be submitted prior to permit issuance. The current construction inspection fee schedule is included in Appendix B.
(f) Routine inspection fees shall be submitted prior to required routine inspection. The current routine inspection fees and inspection schedule is included in Appendix B.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 8571 and 8535, Water Code. Reference: Section 2090, Fish and Game Code; Sections 21080.3, 21104.2 and 21160, Public Resources Code; and Sections 8611, 8710 and 8730.3, Water Code.
1. Renumbering and amendment of old section 16 to new section 8 filed 9-30-96; operative 10-30-96 (Register 96, No. 40). For prior history, see Register 85, No. 26.
2. Amendment of subsections (a) and (b)(5) filed 12-1-2009; operative 12-31-2009 (Register 2009, No. 49).
3. New subsections (d)-(f) and amendment of Note filed 4-29-2019; operative 7-1-2019 (Register 2019, No. 18).
This database is current through 6/24/22 Register 2022, No. 25
23 CCR § 8, 23 CA ADC § 8
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