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§ 525. Keeping Records of Tests.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 3. Food and Agriculture
Division 2. Animal Industry
Chapter 1. Dairies
Article 14. Official and Approved Testing Methods and Protocols
3 CCR § 525
§ 525. Keeping Records of Tests.
(a) All milk and cream test record sheets shall be permanently identified with the name or number of the concern for whom the tests are made. Daily test records must be available at the laboratory in hard copy for no less than 30 days, in addition to any back up copies of the data. After 30 days the records may be archived to any type of removable storage media where they are to be kept for a minimum of two years.
(b) Each test record sheet shall be authenticated by the full signature of the licensed tester, marked with the complete date on which the tests were made, and the date the sample was taken. The name and address of the person, firm, company, or association purchasing, receiving, or selling the product that has been tested shall appear on the test record sheets. The name and address of the testing laboratory shall appear on the test record sheet. If an infrared instrument is used, the serial number of the instrument used to test the samples shall appear on each test record sheet.
(c) Whenever a change in the records, while still in possession of the tester, is necessary by reason of accident or failure to properly record the test, or when a retest is made, and the retest is sufficiently different from the first test, as specified in section 512.2(e), the original entry on the records shall be marked out with a single stroke of the pen, without obliterating the figures, and the correction or retest noted immediately adjacent to the original entry. The change shall be identified by the initials of the tester, which are to be written on the test record sheet immediately adjacent to the correction. Whenever, for any such cause, a change in the records is necessary, a record of such change shall be made by the licensed tester on a retest sheet. Any changes or corrections occasioned by these retests are to be made by the licensed tester only, and the original retest sheet must be permanently fastened to the original test record sheet. The name and address of the person, firm, company, or association purchasing, receiving, or selling the product retested must be entered on all retest sheets. Two dates must appear on all retest sheets -one showing the date the retest was made and the other showing the date that the milk or cream was first tested. All retest sheets must be made with ink and be signed with the full name of the tester. All retests must be accompanied by the patron's name or number in order to determined to whom the sample retested belonged.
(d) The original test record sheets shall be delivered to the management of the concern for whom the tests are made immediately upon completion of the tests on the day's samples.
(e) When sample bottles leak or they are lost, or the contents are partly spilled, or the bottles are broken or cracked, or for any other reason the sample is not representative, notation of occurrence must be made on the test record sheet by the licensed tester. In such cases an averaged test must be given to the patron, based on the average of the four immediately preceding tests if the sample was a milk sample. In the case of a sample of cream, the averaged amount of fat shall be based on the average of four deliveries of cream from the same patron, immediately preceding the day for which the fat is averaged.
(f) Weights or measurements must not be changed without approval of the Department, except where obvious errors have been made by the licensed sampler and weigher. An average weight or measurement based on the four immediately preceding recorded weights, whenever available, shall be used if the actual correct weight cannot be determined.
(g) Explanations as to averaged tests on milk and averaged amounts of fat on cream, and averages in weights or measurements must appear on the original patron statement. All such changes must be identified with the name or initials of the plant manager or the person responsible for these records.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 407 and 34231, Food and Agricultural Code. Reference: Section 34231(b), Food and Agricultural Code.
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This database is current through 7/29/22 Register 2022, No. 30
3 CCR § 525, 3 CA ADC § 525
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