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§ 8408. Eligible Activities.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 25. Housing and Community Development
Division 1. Housing and Community Development
Chapter 7. Department of Housing and Community Development Programs
Subchapter 20. Federal Emergency Shelter Grants Program
25 CCR § 8408
§ 8408. Eligible Activities.
NOTE: See Executive Order N-66-20 (2019 CA EO 66-20), issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, relating to procedures and conditions for the allocation of funds pursuant to Public Law 116-136.
(a) State ESG funds awarded by an Administrative Entity or by the Department shall be used for Eligible activities as permitted by HUD pursuant to 24 CFR Part 576 in accordance with this section.
(b) Pursuant to 24 CFR 91.320 (d), to address the State's priority needs and objectives pursuant to the Action Plan, the Department may limit the types of activities that may be funded in a particular NOFA.
(c) A maximum of ten percent of an individual formula allocation under section 8402 may be used for HMIS activities.
(d) State ESG funds shall not be used for Renovation, Conversion, or Major Rehabilitation activities pursuant to 576.102. Minor repairs to an ESG-funded Emergency shelter that do not qualify as Renovation, Conversion, or Major Rehabilitation are an eligible use of State ESG funds.
(e) For Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness prevention activities, no subpopulation targeting will be permitted except if documentation of all of the following is provided to the Department prior to the award of funds for these activities: (1) that there is an unmet need for these activities for the subpopulation proposed for targeting, and (2) that there is existing funding in the Continuum of Care Service Area for programs that address the needs of the excluded populations for these activities.
Note: Authority cited: Section 50406(n), Health and Safety Code. Reference: 24 C.F.R. 92.320 and 24 C.F.R. Part 576.
1. New section filed 7-14-2004; operative 8-13-2004 (Register 2004, No. 29).
2. Amendment of section heading, repealer and new section and amendment of Note filed 2-25-2016; operative 4-1-2016 (Register 2016, No. 9).
3. Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-66-20 (2019 CA EO 66-20), dated May 29, 2020, relating to procedures and conditions for the allocation of funds pursuant to Public Law 116-136, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This database is current through 10/9/20 Register 2020, No. 41
25 CCR § 8408, 25 CA ADC § 8408
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