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§ 3860. Standard Conditions.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 3. State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Quality Control Boards
Chapter 28. Certifications
Article 4. Water Quality Certification
23 CCR § 3860
§ 3860. Standard Conditions.
The following shall be included as conditions of all water quality certification actions:
(a) Every certification action is subject to modification or revocation upon administrative or judicial review, including review and amendment pursuant to Section 13330 of the Water Code and Article 6 (commencing with Section 3867) of this Chapter.
(b) Certification is not intended and shall not be construed to apply to any activity involving a hydroelectric facility and requiring a FERC license or an amendment to a FERC license unless the pertinent certification application was filed pursuant to Subsection 3855(b) of this Chapter and that application specifically identified that a FERC license or amendment to a FERC license for a hydroelectric facility was being sought.
(c) Certification is conditioned upon total payment of any fee required under this Chapter and owed by the applicant.
Note: Authority cited: Section 1058, Water Code. Reference: 33 USC Section 1341; and Sections 1059, 13160, 13160.1 and 13321, Water Code.
1. New section filed 5-25-2000; operative 6-24-2000 (Register 2000, No. 21).
This database is current through 6/17/22 Register 2022, No. 24
23 CCR § 3860, 23 CA ADC § 3860
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