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§ 8414. Monitoring Grant Activities.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 25. Housing and Community Development
Division 1. Housing and Community Development
Chapter 7. Department of Housing and Community Development Programs
Subchapter 20. Federal Emergency Shelter Grants Program
25 CCR § 8414
§ 8414. Monitoring Grant Activities.
(a) Administrative Entities shall monitor the activities selected and awarded by them to ensure compliance with federal and State ESG requirements. An onsite monitoring visit of selected providers shall occur whenever determined necessary by the Administrative Entity, but at least once during the grant period.
(b) The Department will monitor the performance of the Subrecipient based on a risk assessment and according to the terms of the Standard Agreement. The Department may also monitor the Subrecipient of the Administrative Entity as the Department deems appropriate based on a risk assessment.
(c) The Department will monitor the performance of Administrative Entity and funded projects based on the performance measures used by HUD in ESG or the Continuum of Care program. In the event that project-level or system-wide performance consistently remains in the lowest quartile compared to all participating Service Areas in the Continuum of Care allocation, the Department will work collaboratively with the Administrative Entity to develop performance improvement plans which will be incorporated into the Standard Agreement and other agreements required under section 8403.
(d) If it is determined that a Subrecipient falsified any certification, application information, financial, or contract report, the Subrecipient shall be required to reimburse the full amount of the ESG award to the Department, and may be prohibited from any further participation in the ESG program. The Department may also impose any other actions permitted under 24 CFR 576.501 (c).
Note: Authority cited: Section 50406(n), Health and Safety Code. Reference: 24 C.F.R 576.50.
1. New section filed 7-14-2004; operative 8-13-2004 (Register 2004, No. 29).
2. Repealer of former section 8414 and renumbering of former section 8418 to new section 8414, including amendment of section and Note, filed 2-25-2016; operative 4-1-2016 (Register 2016, No. 9).
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25 CCR § 8414, 25 CA ADC § 8414
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