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§ 161.00. Enrollment of Potential Participants.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 13. Motor Vehicles
Division 1. Department of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 1. Department of Motor Vehicles
Article 3.1. Special Interest License Plates (Refs & Annos)
13 CCR § 161.00
§ 161.00. Enrollment of Potential Participants.
(a) To enroll a potential participant, a sponsor shall obtain all of the following from the potential participant:
(1) Plate type requested. If the vehicle to which the plate will be assigned is a company vehicle, the sponsor shall obtain this information. Potential participants who have the fees paid by a donor shall request a sequential plate if the donor pays for six or more participants;
(2) Fees for the plate type requested. Retaining an existing personalized plate number when enrolling into a proposed plate program is an issuance of an environmental license plate under Vehicle Code section 5106. The sponsor may not collect other fees for the vehicle from potential participants;
(3) The potential participant's identification and vehicle information, including his or her last name, first name and middle initial; registration address of the registered owner, including number, street, apartment/suite designation, city, state, and ZIP code; residential address including number, street, apartment/suite designation, city, state, and ZIP code; phone number with area code; e-mail address, if available; current license plate number to be replaced; and vehicle type that the plate will be assigned to;
(4) The field office selection for in-person plate pick-up by potential participant;
(5) For personalized plate requests by a potential participant, either his or her existing personalized plate number, if suitable, or three personalized plate configuration requests, in order of preference, and the meaning of each as determined by the potential participant. The requested new personalized configuration shall be assigned to the vehicle only if it is available at the time the plate is produced after the enrollment period concludes and the department is able to produce the requested plate.
(6) The fee may be collected from a person other than the registered owner of the vehicle for which the plate is requested if the fee donor provides his or her name, address, and phone number, in addition to the registered owner information required in this subsection. If a plate donor pays for six or more potential participants in a single program, all of those plates shall be sequential plates.
(b) The collection of all the information from one potential participant in subdivision (a) will be considered one application.
(c) The sponsor shall submit monthly reports to the department for the period in which it enrolls potential participants. Each monthly report shall contain the number of applications collected to date by plate type.
(d) The sponsor shall comply with the nondisclosure rules of the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act, Title 18, United States Code, Sections 2721-2725. A sponsor shall not use any information received from a potential participant for any purpose other than the purposes authorized by this Article. The information described in this section is confidential department information obtained by a sponsor for the purpose of enrolling potential participants into a proposed plate program.
(e) The sponsor shall return fees to participants and fee donors if a potential participant cancels an application before the plate program is approved pursuant to section 161.02.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 1651 and 5110, Vehicle Code. Reference: Sections 1653, 1653.5, 1808, 4150, 4460, 5024, 5101, 5106, 5156, 5157 and 8802, Vehicle Code; and Sections 2721 through 2725, Title 18, United States Code.
1. New section filed 11-20-2017; operative 1-1-2018 (Register 2017, No. 47).
This database is current through 5/15/20 Register 2020, No. 20
13 CCR § 161.00, 13 CA ADC § 161.00
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