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§ 15120. General.

14 CA ADC § 15120Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 6. Resources Agency
Chapter 3. Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (Refs & Annos)
Article 9. Contents of Environmental Impact Reports
14 CCR § 15120
§ 15120. General.
(a) Environmental Impact Reports shall contain the information outlined in this article, but the format of the document may be varied. Each element must be covered, and when these elements are not separated into distinct sections, the document shall state where in the document each element is discussed.
(b) The EIR may be prepared as a separate document, as part of a general plan, or as part of a project report. If prepared as a part of the project report, it must still contain one separate and distinguishable section providing either analysis of all the subjects required in an EIR or as a minimum, a table showing where each of the subjects is discussed. When the lead agency is a state agency, the EIR shall be included as part of the regular project report if such a report is used in the agency's existing review and budgetary process.
(c) Draft EIRs shall contain the information required by Sections 15122 through 15131. Final EIRs shall contain the same information and the subjects described in Section 15132.
(d) No document prepared pursuant to this article that is available for public examination shall include a “trade secret” as defined in Section 6254.7 of the Government Code, information about the location of archaeological sites and sacred lands, or any other information that is subject to the disclosure restrictions of Section 6254 of the Government Code.


Note: Authority cited: Section 21083, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 21100, 21105 and 21160, Public Resources Code.
1. Repealer of Article 9 (Sections 15140-15151) and new Article 9 (Sections 15120-15132) filed 7-13-83; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 83, No. 29). For prior history, see Registers 82, No. 2; 80, No. 19; 78, No. 5; 77, No. 1; 76, No. 41; 75, Nos. 1 and 18; and 73, No. 50.
2. Editorial correction of 7-13-83 order redesignating effective date to 8-1-83 filed 7-14-83 (Register 83, No. 29).
3. New subsection (d) and amendment of Note filed 10-26-98; operative 10-26-98 pursuant to Public Resources Code section 21087 (Register 98, No. 44).
4. Change without regulatory effect amending Note filed 10-6-2005 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2005, No. 40).
This database is current through 1/13/23 Register 2023, No. 2.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 14, § 15120, 14 CA ADC § 15120
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