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§ 6003. Timing and Contents of Notice of Appeal.

16 CA ADC § 6003Barclays Official California Code of RegulationsEffective: July 1, 2022

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 16. Professional and Vocational Regulations
Division 43. Cannabis Control Appeals Panel
Article 2. Filing of Appeal
Effective: July 1, 2022
16 CCR § 6003
§ 6003. Timing and Contents of Notice of Appeal.
(a) Any person aggrieved by the decision of the licensing authority as described in Business and Professions Code section 26043(a) may appeal the licensing authority's written decision to the Panel as follows:
(1) The appellant shall complete and submit the CCAP Form 6003, Notice of Appeal (Rev. 10/21), which is hereby incorporated by reference, to the Panel. The appellant may submit the form to the Panel through any of the following methods:
(A) In person or by mail at its Sacramento office;
(B) By emailing the completed form to the Panel at [email protected]; or
(C) Electronically through the Online Filing Portal on the Panel's website at www.ccap.ca.gov.
(2) The Notice of Appeal must be received by the Panel within 30 days after the last day on which reconsideration of the underlying decision of the licensing authority can be requested pursuant to Government Code section 11521.
(A) Failure to submit the Notice of Appeal to the Panel within the time set forth in this subsection may result in dismissal of the appeal pursuant to section 6011.
(3) The appellant shall also serve a copy of the completed Notice of Appeal upon all parties to the proceeding. Such service shall be made by delivering or mailing a copy of the Notice of Appeal to each party, and proof of service shall be submitted to the Panel at the same time the Notice of Appeal is submitted pursuant to subsection (a)(1). The parties may stipulate in writing to provide service to one another via electronic mail, and such service shall be indicated on the proof of service.


Note: Authority cited: Section 26042, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 26042 and 26043, Business and Professions Code.
1. New article 2 (section 6003) and section filed 4-12-2019; operative 7-1-2019 (Register 2019, No. 15).
2. Amendment of subsections (a)-(a)(1) and new subsections (a)(1)(A)-(C) filed 4-5-2022; operative 7-1-2022 (Register 2022, No. 14).
This database is current through 6/14/24 Register 2024, No. 24.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 16, § 6003, 16 CA ADC § 6003
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