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§ 4051. Application for DOJ-Certification.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 11. Law
Division 5. Firearms Regulations
Chapter 5. Laboratory Certification and Handgun Testing
Article 3. DOJ-Certification: Who Must be DOJ-Certified; Application for DOJ-Certification; Pre-DOJ-Certification Requirements; Grounds for Denial; DOJ-Certification Period; Appeal Process
11 CCR § 4051
§ 4051. Application for DOJ-Certification.
The DOJ will accept completed applications from laboratories seeking DOJ-Certification. Application for DOJ-Certification shall be made on Form BOF 019 (Rev. 01/2012) which shall include the following:
(a) Laboratory information: name of applicant laboratory; physical and mailing addresses; telephone and fax numbers; local licensing authority, business license number, and expiration date; the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the laboratory; federal firearms license number, type, and expiration date (if licensed); business hours; e-mail address (if applicable); and copies of licenses and/or certificates identified on the application.
(b) COE holder information: name, title, COE number, and COE expiration date of any owner, chief executive officer, or person who possesses or has applied for a COE pursuant to section 4052, subdivision (a) of these regulations.
(c) Ownership information: ownership structure; the name, title/relation to laboratory/percentage owned and/or controlled, address, telephone and fax numbers, state corporation/partnership number and expiration date, and local business license number and expiration date of any owner that is not a natural person; and the name, title/relation to laboratory/percentage owned and/or controlled, address, and telephone number of each owner, partner, officer, director and any person who owns and/or exercises control of five percent or more of outstanding common stock; and if a corporation or partnership either original certified copies of the articles of incorporation or a current roster of general and limited partners.
(d) Facility management and testing supervision information: name and title of the manager or director of the laboratory and/or unit of the laboratory that will conduct handgun tests, the persons supervising handgun tests, and persons participating and/or performing handgun tests; a copy of the laboratory's security procedures; the name, address, and telephone number of any 24-hour security service or monitored alarm system that is employed by the laboratory, and a copy of the contract for services; and a copy of the procedures for ensuring that persons prohibited from possessing firearms will not have access to firearms and a description of the method to be used to identify any such persons.
(e) Required equipment information: whether the laboratory will obtain the required equipment at the time the application is submitted or at a later date.
(f) Off-site location information, if applicable: name of the owner; telephone number; physical address; and the testing to be performed and/or equipment to be used at the off-site location.
(g) Authorized representative information: name and title of the person who has the legal authority to sign the application and attest to the required matters on behalf of the applicant laboratory.
(h) A signed certification stating that the laboratory and/or owner is free from any conflicts of interest as defined by section 4053, subdivision (a)(3), (7), (8), and (9) of these regulations.
(i) A signed certification regarding: the informing of staff of laws relating to prohibitions against firearms possession; the ensuring that prohibited persons do not have access to, come into contact with, and/or possess firearms; the fact that the laboratory obtains and maintains any required federal, state, and/or local licenses; and the fact that the laboratory does comply with all applicable federal, state, and/or local laws and/or regulations.
(j) A signed certification regarding: the possession of the required equipment; the maintenance and calibration of that equipment; and the laboratory does comply with safety, design, operation, and licensing and approval requirements.
(k) The initial application processing fee required by section 4065, subdivision (b)(1) of these regulations.
Note: Authority cited: Section 32010, Penal Code. Reference: Sections 16380, 16850, 16900, 17140, 23515, 25610, 26710, 29800, 29805, 29815, 29820, 29825, 29900, 31900, 31905, 31910, 32005, 32010, 32015, 32020, 32025 and 32030, Penal Code.
1. Change without regulatory effect renumbering section 968.31 to section 4051, including amendment of subsections (b) and (h), filed 6-28-2006 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2006, No. 26).
2. Amendment of first paragraph and subsections (b), (h) and (k) filed 1-31-2011; operative 3-2-2011 (Register 2011, No. 5).
3. Change without regulatory effect amending section and Note filed 12-27-2011 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2011, No. 52).
This database is current through 5/13/22 Register 2022, No. 19
11 CCR § 4051, 11 CA ADC § 4051
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