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§ 1050. Classification Plan.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 15. Crime Prevention and Corrections
Division 1. Board of State and Community Corrections
Chapter 1. Board of State and Community Corrections
Subchapter 4. Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities
Article 5. Classification and Segregation
15 CCR § 1050
§ 1050. Classification Plan.
(a) Each administrator of a temporary holding, Type I, II, or III facility shall develop and implement a written classification plan designed to properly assign inmates to housing units and activities according to the categories of sex, age, criminal sophistication, seriousness of crime charged, physical or mental health needs, assaultive/non-assaultive behavior, risk of being sexually abused or sexually harassed, and other criteria which will provide for the safety of the inmates and staff. Such housing unit assignment shall be accomplished to the extent possible within the limits of the available number of distinct housing units or cells in a facility.
The written classification plan shall be based on objective criteria and include receiving screening performed at the time of intake by trained personnel, and a record of each inmate's classification level, housing restrictions, and housing assignments.
Each administrator of a Type II or III facility shall establish and implement a classification system which will include the use of classification officers or a classification committee in order to properly assign inmates to housing, work, rehabilitation programs, and leisure activities. Such a plan shall include the use of as much information as is available about the inmate and from the inmate and shall provide for a channel of appeal by the inmate to the facility administrator or designee. An inmate who has been sentenced to more than 60 days may request a review of his classification plan no more often than 30 days from his last review.
(b) Each administrator of a court holding facility shall establish and implement a written plan designed to provide for the safety of staff and inmates held at the facility. The plan shall include receiving and transmitting of information regarding inmates who represent unusual risk or hazard while confined at the facility, and the segregation of such inmates to the extent possible within the limits of the court holding facility.
(c) In deciding whether to assign an inmate to a housing area for male or female inmates, and in making other housing and programming assignments, the agency shall consider on a case-by-case basis whether a placement would ensure the inmate's health and safety, and whether the placement would present management or security problems. An inmate's own views with respect to his or her own safety shall be given serious consideration.
Note: Authority cited: Section 6030, Penal Code. Reference: Section 6030, Penal Code.
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15 CCR § 1050, 15 CA ADC § 1050
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