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§ 80112. Child Development Teacher Permit.

5 CA ADC § 80112Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 5. Education
Division 8. Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Chapter 1. Credentials Issued Under the Teacher Preparation and Licensing Law of 1970
Article 5. Permits Authorizing Service in Child Care and Development Programs
5 CCR § 80112
§ 80112. Child Development Teacher Permit.
(a) Requirements. Each applicant for a Child Development Teacher Permit shall comply with the procedure prescribed for application in Section 80107 and shall meet one of the following:
(1) All of the following:
(A) Completion of twenty-four semester units of course work in early childhood education/child development including at least one course in each of the following core areas: child/human growth and development; child, family and community, or child and family, relations; programs/curriculum. Either of the following may be used to partially meet the 24-semester units requirements:
1. A two- or three-semester unit supervised field work course, including both the field and course work components, may be used toward the required 24 early childhood education/child development semester units, but the same field work course may not be used to meet the experience requirement listed in Section 80112(a)(1)(B).
2. Successful completion of the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, which may be used for nine semester units of credit toward the required 24 semester units.
(B) Completion of 175 days of experience in an instructional capacity in a child care and development program, working at least three hours per day within the last four years.
(C) Completion of sixteen diversified semester units in general education (i.e., at least one course in each of the following areas: Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Math and/or Science, and English/Language Arts).
(2) Completion of an associate degree or higher in early childhood education or child development or a related field, with a three (3) semester unit supervised field experience in an early childhood education setting.
(3) Completion of equivalent training approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Equivalent training may include traditional coursework taken through a regionally accredited institution of higher education and Commission approved alternative education programs.
(b) An individual may apply for this permit with a “School-Age Emphasis” by completing half of his/her units in school-age coursework.
(c) Term and Renewal. The Child Development Teacher Permit shall be issued for five years and renewed for successive five year periods upon submission of:
(1) an application for renewal;
(2) required fees; and
(3) verification of completion of 105 hours of professional growth.
(d) Authorization.
(1) A Child Development Teacher Permit authorizes the holder to provide service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child development program, and supervise a Child Development Permit Associate Teacher, a Child Development Permit Assistant, and an aide.
(2) The Child Development Teacher Permit With School-age Emphasis authorizes the holder to provide all of the services authorized for the Child Development Teacher Permit holder as well as provide services in the care, development, and instruction of children in before-school, after-school and other school age child care programs.


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This database is current through 2/23/24 Register 2024, No. 8.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 80112, 5 CA ADC § 80112
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