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§ 80053. Services Credential Authorizing Service as a Teacher Librarian.

5 CA ADC § 80053Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 5. Education
Division 8. Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Chapter 1. Credentials Issued Under the Teacher Preparation and Licensing Law of 1970
Article 2. Credential Types, Authorizations, and Requirements
5 CCR § 80053
§ 80053. Services Credential Authorizing Service as a Teacher Librarian.
(a) The minimum requirements for the clear Library Teacher Librarian Services Credential shall include all of the following:
(1) a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education;
(2) a valid basic California teaching credential as defined in Education Code section 44203(e) and an English learner authorization;
(3) completion of one of the following:
(A) a Commission-approved Teacher Librarian Services Credential program based on the Teacher Librarian Services Credential and Special Class Authorization in Information and Digital Literacy Program Standards (rev. 2011) available on the Commission's website and hereby incorporated by reference; or
(B) a professional preparation program in teacher librarian services including successful completion of a supervised field work, or the equivalent, in a program taken outside California of at least 30 graduate semester units, that is comparable to a program accredited by the Committee on Accreditation. The program must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and approved by the appropriate state agency where the coursework was completed; or
(C) National Board Certification in Library Media for Early Childhood through Young Adult from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.
(4) meet the basic skills requirement as specified in Education Code section 44252. Individuals who qualify via subsection (a)(3)(C) are exempt from this requirement;
(5) a completed application form as listed in section 80001(b)(2) and the appropriate fee as specified in section 80487(a)(1); and
(6) recommendation from a Commission-approved Teacher Librarian Services program as specified in Education Code section 44227(b).
(b) Authorization. The Teacher Librarian Services Credential authorizes the holder to instruct students in accessing, evaluating, using and integrating information and resources in the library program; to plan and coordinate school library programs with the instructional programs of a school district through collaboration with teachers; to select materials for school and district libraries; to develop programs for and deliver staff development for school library services; to coordinate or supervise library programs at the school, district or county level; to plan and conduct a course of instruction for those pupils who assist in the operation of school libraries; to supervise classified personnel assigned school library duties; and to develop procedures for and management of the school and district libraries.
(1) Holders of valid California teaching credentials based upon a baccalaureate degree who do not hold a credential authorizing services as a teacher librarian may serve as teacher librarians in public schools, provided that they are trained in their duties by a credentialed school teacher librarian and supervised by an individual holding certification authorizing such supervision. Teachers employed to provide library services under this provision must, during the first year of service, either apply for the Emergency Teacher Librarian Services Permit and pursue enrollment in a Commission-approved regional or distance-learning teacher librarian services credential program, or submit to the county office of education a description of the factors that made it impossible to enroll in such a program. All teachers must obtain the Emergency Teacher Librarian Services Permit before the end of the second year of service under this provision.
(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to preclude local governing boards from employing non-credentialed individuals to assist in the provision of library services, provided that the employment of non-credentialed personnel is not intended to supersede the requirement to include holders of the Teacher Librarian Services Credential or other credential authorizing library service pursuant to Education Code section 44868 in the coordination and implementation of public school library programs. Services provided by non-credentialed personnel shall not include those activities requiring possession of a valid Teacher Librarian Services Credential, as specified in Subsection (b) of this section.
(c) Term.
The Teacher Librarian Services Credential shall be issued on the basis of the completion of all requirements and shall be dated per Title 5, section 80493(b).


Note: Authority cited: Section 44225, Education Code. Reference: Sections 44203(e), 44227(b), 44252, 44269, 44373(c), 44399 and 44868, Education Code.
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This database is current through 5/17/24 Register 2024, No. 20.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 80053, 5 CA ADC § 80053
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