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§ 80002. Complete Paper Application Packet.

5 CA ADC § 80002Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 5. Education
Division 8. Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Chapter 1. Credentials Issued Under the Teacher Preparation and Licensing Law of 1970
Article 1. General Provisions and Definitions
5 CCR § 80002
§ 80002. Complete Paper Application Packet.
Only a complete paper application for a credential will be processed by the Commission. A complete paper application must include subsections (a) through (d). Subsections (e) through (i) provide information related to the processing of paper applications.
(a) Each applicant for a credential not available for online renewal or online recommendation must submit a paper application form as defined in section 80001(b)(2) that includes the following:
(1) full legal name, including all former or maiden names;
(2) date of birth;
(3) Social Security Number:
(A) any applicant that does not possess a Social Security Number may include an Individual Tax Identification Number as an alternative;
(4) current mailing address, including either a post office box or street address, city, state, and zip code;
(5) California county and school district where employed, as applicable:
(A) every person applying for or holding a credential must notify the Commission in writing of any change to his or her county and/or school district of employment;
(B) applicants not currently employed in a California school may indicate “Not Applicable;”
(6) telephone number;
(7) applicant's email address;
(8) the type of credential, permit, or authorization sought:
(A) applicants seeking the issuance or reissuance of more than one type of credential or permit must submit a separate application form and application fee for each type of credential or permit;
(B) if more than one specific type of credential or permit is requested on one application form, the Commission will evaluate the application for the first type of document selected on the application form. Applicants will be sent a letter advising that each additional document sought requires the submission of a separate application, application fee, and supporting materials; and
(9) Oath and Affidavit section dated and signed under penalty of perjury, including the county and state where the application is signed.
(b) Each application form must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee as specified in section 80487.
(c) A criminal history record response from the fingerprint information specified in section 80442(a) and (c) must be received from the Department of Justice.
(d) Appropriate documentation to verify the applicant's academic qualifications for the credential, permit, or authorization requested and professional fitness. This includes, but is not limited to:
(1) official transcripts, if required, as specified in section 80435, and
(2) disclosures of information required in explanation of any professional fitness question with a “Yes” answer on the application form.
(e) Only complete applications for credentials will be processed by the Commission, as specified in section 80443(a)(2).
(1) Applications missing any of the items listed in subsections (a)(1) through (a)(3)(A) and subsection (b) will be deemed incomplete and will be returned.
(2) Applications missing any of the items listed in subsections (a)(4) through (a)(9), (c) and (d) may be rejected with an evaluation which sets forth the requirements that have not been met.
(f) The Commission will notify an applicant regarding any additional documentation required for evaluation not initially submitted with the application.
(1) Application fees remain valid for sixty (60) days from the date of the notice to allow an applicant time to provide the requested additional documentation as specified in section 80487(e).
(g) The processing time of fifty (50) business days for paper applications found in Education Code section 44350 in cases pursuant to subsection (f)(1) will commence upon receipt of the resubmitted complete application as specified in section 80443(a)(1).
(1) Processing time is the time necessary for the Commission to determine an applicant's eligibility for the document requested.
(2) The fifty (50) business day processing time for paper applications is not applicable when an application is subject to a fitness review by the Commission.
(h) Application fees are earned upon receipt of the application and may not be refunded or applied to a subsequent application as specified in section 80487(b).
(i) Every person applying for or holding a credential shall notify the Commission in writing, or by updating the educator's electronic record at the Commission, of any change to the information provided pursuant to 80002(a)(4) or (5) or (7).


Note: Authority cited: Section 44225, Education Code. Reference: Section 291, Penal Code; Section 1798.24, Civil Code; and Sections 44230, 44235, 44330, 44339, 44340, 44346.5 and 44350, Education Code.
1. New section filed 11-18-2015; operative 1-1-2016 (Register 2015, No. 47). For prior history, see Register 82, No. 45.
This database is current through 2/23/24 Register 2024, No. 8.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 80002, 5 CA ADC § 80002
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