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Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 8. Industrial Relations
Division 1. Department of Industrial Relations
Chapter 4. Division of Industrial Safety
Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 16. Control of Hazardous Substances
Article 107. Dusts, Fumes, Mists, Vapors and Gases
8 CCR Appendix A
Appendix A to Section 5141.1. Protection from Wildfire Smoke Measuring PM2.5 Levels at the Worksite (Mandatory if an Employer Monitors with a Direct Reading Instrument)
(a) An employer may use a direct-reading particulate monitor to determine PM2.5 levels for section 5141.1, if the employer can demonstrate that it has complied with this appendix and selected a monitor that:
(1) Does not underestimate employee exposures to wildfire smoke; or
(2) May underestimate wildfire smoke exposures, but the employer has obtained information on the possible error of the monitor from the manufacturer or other published literature and has accounted for the error of the monitor when determining exposures to PM2.5 to ensure that employee exposure levels are not underestimated.
(b) The monitor shall be designed and manufactured to measure the concentration of airborne particle sizes ranging from an aerodynamic diameter of 0.1 micrometers up to and including 2.5 micrometers. The employer may use a monitor that measures a particle size range beyond these limits, if the employer treats the results as the PM2.5 levels.
(c) The employer shall ensure that the monitor it uses is calibrated, maintained, and used, including the use of necessary accessories, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for accurately measuring PM2.5 concentrations.
(d) The employer shall use the following table to convert the PM2.5 concentration to the AQI for PM2.5.
PM2.5 in Micrograms per
Air Quality Index (AQI)
Cubic Meter (μg/m3)
Categories for PM2.5
0 to 12.0
0 to 50
12.1 to 35.4
51 to 100
35.5 to 55.4
101 to 150
55.5 to 150.4
151 to 200
150.5 to 250.4
201 to 300
250.5 to 500.4
301 to 500
(e) The person supervising, directing, or evaluating workplace monitoring for PM2.5 shall have the training or experience necessary to apply this section and to ensure the correct use of the monitor and the interpretation of the results, so that exposures are not underestimated.
Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 142.3 and 144.6, Labor Code.
1. New Appendix A filed 7-29-2019 as an emergency; operative 7-29-2019 (Register 2019, No. 31). A Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by 1-27-2020 or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.
This database is current through 9/6/19 Register 2019, No. 36
8 CCR Appendix A, 8 CA ADC Appendix A
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