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§ 354.36. Representative Monitoring.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 2. Department of Water Resources
Chapter 1.5. Groundwater Management
Subchapter 2. Groundwater Sustainability Plans
Article 5. Plan Contents
Subarticle 4. Monitoring Networks
23 CCR § 354.36
§ 354.36. Representative Monitoring.
Each Agency may designate a subset of monitoring sites as representative of conditions in the basin or an area of the basin, as follows:
(a) Representative monitoring sites may be designated by the Agency as the point at which sustainability indicators are monitored, and for which quantitative values for minimum thresholds, measurable objectives, and interim milestones are defined.
(b) Groundwater elevations may be used as a proxy for monitoring other sustainability indicators if the Agency demonstrates the following:
(1) Significant correlation exists between groundwater elevations and the sustainability indicators for which groundwater elevation measurements serve as a proxy.
(2) Measurable objectives established for groundwater elevation shall include a reasonable margin of operational flexibility taking into consideration the basin setting to avoid undesirable results for the sustainability indicators for which groundwater elevation measurements serve as a proxy.
(c) The designation of a representative monitoring site shall be supported by adequate evidence demonstrating that the site reflects general conditions in the area.
Note: Authority cited: Section 10733.2, Water Code. Reference: Sections 10727.2 and 10733.2, Water Code.
1. New section filed 8-15-2016 as an emergency exempt from review by OAL pursuant to Water Code section 10733.2(d); operative 8-15-2016. Pursuant to Water Code section 10733.2(d), these regulations shall remain in effect until revised by the Department of Water Resources (Register 2016, No. 34).
This database is current through 9/4/20 Register 2020, No. 36
23 CCR § 354.36, 23 CA ADC § 354.36
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