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§ 54334. Statewide Vendor Panel.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 17. Public Health
Division 2. Health and Welfare Agency - Department of Developmental Services Regulations
Chapter 3. Community Services
Subchapter 2. Vendorization
Article 2. Vendorization Process
17 CCR § 54334
§ 54334. Statewide Vendor Panel.
(a) The statewide vendor panel shall include the following information for all vendors:
(1) Vendor's name and telephone number;
(2) Vendor's Social Security Number or Federal tax ID number;
(3) Vendor's mailing address, including the county;
(4) Location of vendor's facility;
(5) The vendor identification number, service code, and subcode;
(6) The vendor's area of specialty, if any;
(7) A description of the service provided;
(8) Licensed capacity, if applicable;
(9) The effective date of vendorization;
(10) The vendoring and all user regional centers; and
(11) The name of the management organization, if any.
(b) Any regional center utilizing a service within the vendoring regional center's catchment area shall notify the vendoring regional enter, in writing, within 15 days from the day the vendor begins to serve, or ceases to serve, the utilizing regional center's consumers.
(c) The vendoring regional center shall:
(1) Input all applicable information for each vendor into the statewide vendor panel;
(2) Transmit this information to the Department via the centralized automated regional center accounting system. This information shall be maintained on a master file by the Department; and
(3) Ensure that all the information contained in the statewide vendor panel is current by updating the panel any time a change to any of the items specified in (a) above, is reported by a vendor or a regional center utilizing the service.
(d) The vendoring regional center shall delete a vendor's name from the vendor panel and shall send the vendor written notification, along with an explanation of the appeal rights pursuant to Sections 54380 through 54390 of these regulations, that vendorization has been terminated, if any of the following conditions exist:
(1) The vendor notifies the vendoring regional center of its intent to discontinue providing services;
(2) The vendor has not responded to the 30-day notice pursuant to Section 54332(c)(1) of these regulations; or
(3) Vendorization is being terminated for noncompliance pursuant to Sections 54370 or 54372.
Note: Authority cited: Chapter 722, Statutes of 1992, Section 147; and Sections 4405, 4648(a) and 4791(i), Welfare and Institutions Code; and Section 11152, Government Code. Reference: Sections 4631, 4648(a), 4691 and 4791, Welfare and Institutions Code.
1. New section filed 6-26-90 as an emergency; operative 7-1-90 (Register 90, No. 36). A Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by 10-29-90 or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.
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6. Amendment of section filed as an emergency 6-17-93; operative 6-17-93. Submitted to OAL for printing only pursuant to SB485 (Chapter 722, Statutes of 1992) Section 147(a) (Register 93, No. 26).
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8. Change without regulatory effect amending subsection (b) filed 1-17-97 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 97, No. 3).
This database is current through 1/14/22 Register 2022, No. 2
17 CCR § 54334, 17 CA ADC § 54334
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