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§ 2140. Pollution Control and Removal Equipment.

2 CA ADC § 2140Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 2. Administration
Division 3. State Property Operations
Chapter 1. State Lands Commission (Refs & Annos)
Article 3.4. Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Operations: Pollution Control
2 CCR § 2140
§ 2140. Pollution Control and Removal Equipment.
(a) Pollution control equipment and material shall be available immediately to each lessee for use in oil pollution control and removal operations on its lease. The equipment and material shall include, but need not be limited to, containment booms, skimming apparatus, licensed chemicals, and absorbents, and shall be the most effective available given the current state of pollution control and removal research and development at the time of acquisition. The lessee shall, however, update such equipment whenever any significant technological improvements are developed.
(b) Emergency equipment shall be maintained on each mobile drilling rig and fixed offshore drilling or production facility for immediate cleanup of small oil spills. Each mobile drilling rig shall be equipped with a minimum of 1500 feet of oil containment boom, an oil skimming or recovery device that is capable of open ocean use, and an amount of absorbent material sufficient to remove 15 barrels of spilled oil. In addition, a boat that is capable of deploying this equipment shall be maintained onsite or available to the rig within 15 minutes. The equipment and material required on each fixed offshore drilling or production facility shall be determined and approved by the staff on an individual basis considering the type of structure, location, current activity, oil production capability, method of well production and other factors peculiar to the facility.
Equipment for the control and removal of larger oil spills shall be maintained at an offshore or onshore location near the area of lease operations where deployment and response to the spill would provide the most feasible protection of coastal resources. All equipment shall be inspected regularly and shall be maintained in good condition for immediate use.
(c) The lessee shall conduct training classes and periodic drills in the deployment and use of pollution control and removal equipment, to ensure that designated personnel can carry out the assignments which are necessary for effective control and removal of oil spilled in or on the ocean.
(d) The lessee shall maintain an inventory of the emergency equipment that is stored on each mobile drilling rig and offshore drilling or production facility as well as an inventory showing the description, application, and location of all pollution control and removal equipment that is immediately available for a major oil spill. In addition, the lessee shall maintain a listing of equipment, material, services, and labor forces that are immediately available for beach cleanup and restoration operations. The inventories shall be updated as changes occur and current copies shall be filed with the Staff annually.
(e) All mobile drilling rigs and offshore drilling or production facilities shall be equipped in a manner that will prevent spilling of contaminants in the ocean. Any fluids spilled shall be collected in a sump(s) that is provided with appropriate pumping equipment, liquid level controls, and alarms to prevent accidental discharge of contaminants into the ocean waters.


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This database is current through 3/10/23 Register 2023, No. 10.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 2, § 2140, 2 CA ADC § 2140
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