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§ 700.1. California Free Hunting Days.

14 CA ADC § 700.1Barclays Official California Code of RegulationsEffective: July 1, 2023

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 1. Fish and Game Commission--Department of Fish and Game (Refs & Annos)
Subdivision 3. General Regulations
Chapter 3. Miscellaneous
Effective: July 1, 2023
14 CCR § 700.1
§ 700.1. California Free Hunting Days.
(a) Definitions:
(1) “Free Hunting Day Registration” is a no-fee license available only to an authorized unlicensed hunter for use on the two designated free hunting days of the license year for which the registration is issued.
(2) “Authorized Unlicensed Hunter” is a California resident who holds a free hunting day registration.
(3) “Licensed Supervising Hunter” is a hunter accompanying an authorized unlicensed hunter who holds a valid California hunting license and is at least 21 years old.
(b) An authorized unlicensed hunter shall be eligible to participate in free hunting days for only one license year and shall not be eligible to obtain a free hunting day registration for any other license year.
(c) The department shall issue a free hunting day registration to hunt on free hunting days to any California resident who submits to the department all information required to obtain an annual California hunting license pursuant to sections 700.3 and 700.4 and provides evidence of completing a course in hunter education as required in paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Fish and Game Code Section 3050.
(d) Authorized unlicensed hunters must have in their possession while hunting: a free hunting day registration for the current license year, any required tags, validations, report cards, federal entitlements and any required entry permits, with the exception of upland game bird hunting validations and state duck hunting validations.
(e) Authorized unlicensed hunters participating in free hunting days shall take only upland and migratory game birds as defined in sections 300 and 502; resident small game as defined in Section 257; furbearing mammals as defined in Fish and Game Code Section 4000; nongame mammals as defined in Section 472; and wild pigs as defined in Fish and Game Code Section 4650.
(f) Authorized unlicensed hunters hunting pursuant to this section are subject to all requirements, limitations, restrictions, conditions, statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to the holder of a valid hunting license, except as described in subdivision (g) of Fish and Game Code Section 3040.
(g) A free hunting day registration, as used by an authorized unlicensed hunter participating in free hunting days, does not authorize the possessor to apply for any drawing for any tag, reservation, or other hunting opportunity where an annual hunting license is required to apply.
(h) An authorized unlicensed hunter must be accompanied by a licensed supervising hunter, with the following conditions:
(1) A licensed supervising hunter must only accompany one authorized unlicensed hunter.
(2) While engaged in hunting activities, the authorized unlicensed hunter and the licensed supervising hunter shall remain in close visual and verbal contact with each other at all times. The licensed supervising hunter must be able to provide adequate direction and immediately assume control of a firearm or other legal method of take used by the authorized unlicensed hunter, to ensure safety and compliance with laws and regulations at all times, as specified in Fish and Game Code 3040.
(i) Annual free hunting dates will be designated by the director and published in annual publications of the department regarding current hunting regulations, as specified in Fish and Game Code 3040.


Note: Authority cited: Section 3040, Fish and Game Code. Reference: Section 3040, Fish and Game Code.
1. New section filed as an emergency 5-16-2023; operative 7-1-2023 pursuant to Government Code section 11346.1 (d) (Register 2023, No. 20). Pursuant to Fish and Game Code section 3040(i)(2), this section shall stay in effect until revised by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
This database is current through 11/24/23 Register 2023, No. 47.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 14, § 700.1, 14 CA ADC § 700.1
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