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§ 1436. Arbitrator's Decision.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 1. General Provisions
Division 2. Office of Administrative Hearings
Chapter 5. Procedures for Conducting Protests Under the Alternative Protest Pilot Project
Article 3. Arbitration Procedure
1 CCR § 1436
§ 1436. Arbitrator's Decision.
(a) The final decision shall be in writing and signed by the arbitrator. It shall include a Statement of the Factual and Legal Basis for the decision, addressing the issues raised in the Detailed Written Statement(s) of Protest, and shall include an order upholding or denying the protest(s). The arbitrator's order shall not award a contract.
(b) A copy of the decision shall be sent by regular mail to Procurement, the Contracting Department, the Awardee, and Protestant(s) within 45 calendar days after the filing of the first Detailed Written Statement of Protest. In the arbitrator's exclusive discretion, this timeline may be extended for an additional 15 calendar days. The arbitrator's failure to issue a decision within the time specified by this section shall not be a ground for vacating the decision.
Note: Authority cited: Section 12126, Public Contract Code. Reference: Sections 12125-12130, Public Contract Code.
1. New section filed 8-18-98; operative 8-18-98 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4(d) (Register 98, No. 34).
This database is current through 7/29/22 Register 2022, No. 30
1 CCR § 1436, 1 CA ADC § 1436
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