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§ 820. Definitions.

3 CA ADC § 820Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 3. Food and Agriculture
Division 2. Animal Industry
Chapter 2. Livestock Disease Control (Refs & Annos)
Article 12. Bovine Trichomonosis Control Program
3 CCR § 820
§ 820. Definitions.
(a) As used in this article:
(1) “Affected herd” means a group of cattle that is kept, fed or grouped together that contained, anytime within the last 12 months, an animal that had opportunity for sexual contact and was confirmed to be infected with Tritrichomonas foetus.
(2) “Bull Slaughter Agreement” means a document stating the responsibilities of the buyer of a bull that is 18 months of age and over and has not been tested negative for trichomonosis within 60 calendar days of the change of ownership.
(3) “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection” means an official numbered document issued and signed by a USDA accredited and state-licensed veterinarian in the state of origin certifying the inspection of animals in preparation for interstate and intrastate movements. The requirements of a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection used for moving livestock into, within and from California shall be in accordance with Title 3, California Code of Regulations, section 830.3.
(4) “Certified Semen Services” means a subsidiary of the National Association of Animal Breeders, providing minimum requirements for the health monitoring and disease surveillance of bulls prior to entry, during an isolation period, and through residency at an artificial insemination facility.
(5) “Change of Ownership” means a transaction where an animal is sold or ownership is transferred, with or without the exchange of money or other compensation.
(6) “Department” means the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
(7) “Directly” means moved in a means of conveyance, without stopping to unload while en route, except for stops of less than 24 hours to feed, water, or rest the animals being moved, and with no commingling of animals at such stops.
(8) “Exposed herd” means a herd adjacent to a premises occupied by an affected herd, herds sharing common pasture or having other contact with affected herds as determined by the State Veterinarian.
(9) “Herd” means a group of cattle, under common ownership or supervision that is kept, fed and grouped together.
(10) “Herdmate bull” means any bull in the herd that has been used for breeding.
(11) “Herd of origin” means the herd in which a bovine animal had the opportunity for sexual contact at anytime within the last 12 months.
(12) “Individual official identification” means officially identifying an animal with an official identification number as defined in section Title 3, California Code of Regulations, section 830 (a)(25).
(13) “Infected cattle” means cattle with a positive trichomonosis test and classified as infected by the State Veterinarian.
(14) “Interstate Livestock Entry Permit” means a numbered document issued by the Department for approving the movement of animals that meet entry requirements into California. The requirements of an Interstate Livestock Entry Permit used for moving livestock into California shall be in accordance with Title 3, California Code of Regulations, section 830.4.
(15) “Livestock” means cattle, bison, horses and other equine species, poultry, sheep, goats, swine, and captive cervids.
(16) “Negative trichomonosis test” is a negative test result on a specimen collected from a bull after 10 calendar days without contact with sexually mature female cattle.
(17) “Person” means any individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, or joint stock company, or other legal entity.
(18) “Recognized slaughtering establishment” means any slaughtering facility operating under the Federal Meat Inspection Act (21 U.S.C. 601 et seq.), or State meat or poultry inspection acts, approved by the USDA in accordance with 9 CFR, Part 71, section 71.21 (2015).
(19) “Specimen” means a sample taken from the preputial cavity of a bull, or the uterine contents, cervical mucus or cervix scraping, of a bovine female, by a trichomonosis approved veterinarian.
(20) “Trichomonosis” means a sexually transmitted disease of cattle caused by the protozoan parasite Tritrichomonas foetus.
(21) “Trichomonosis approved laboratory” means a laboratory approved by the Department for diagnosing bovine trichomonosis.
(22) “Trichomonosis approved tag” means a color coded tag, where the color indicates the trichomonosis year (September 1 through August 31 of the following year) the bull was tested, approved by the Department for individually identifying bulls tested for trichomonosis.
(23) “Trichomonosis approved veterinarian” means a USDA category II accredited and state-licensed veterinarian who has successfully completed a training program approved by the Department for the sampling and handling of specimens for the diagnosis of trichomonosis. This approval will be renewed by the Department every two (2) years.
(24) “Trichomonosis test” means a test for the detection of active infection with Tritrichomonas foetus from a specimen collected by a trichomonosis approved veterinarian and conducted at a trichomonosis approved laboratory.
(25) “USDA” means the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services.


Note: Authority cited: Sections 407 and 10610, Food and Agricultural Code. Reference: Sections 9561, 9562, 9570 and 10610, Food and Agricultural Code; Title 9, Part 71, Section 71.21, Code of Federal Regulations (2015); and Federal Meat Inspection Act, 21 U.S.C. section 601 et seq.
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4. Amendment of section and Note filed 2-27-2017; operative 4-1-2017 (Register 2017, No. 9).
This database is current through 12/1/23 Register 2023, No. 48.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 3, § 820, 3 CA ADC § 820
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