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§ 796.7. Annual Import Permit for Slaughter Plants.

3 CA ADC § 796.7Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 3. Food and Agriculture
Division 2. Animal Industry
Chapter 2. Livestock Disease Control (Refs & Annos)
Article 8.5. Interstate and Intrastate Movement of Swine
3 CCR § 796.7
§ 796.7. Annual Import Permit for Slaughter Plants.
(a) An annual import permit is an Interstate Livestock Entry Permit that may be issued to the owner or manager of slaughter plants for the importation of swine for immediate slaughter in California.
(b) The owner or manager of slaughter plants may request an annual import permit by contacting the Animal Health Branch in Sacramento at least 15 days before the first expected entry, or expiration of a prior annual entry permit.
(c) Approval for the annual import permit may be granted when the owner or manager of the slaughter plant completes and submits to the Department an application for the annual import permit. The application for the annual entry permit will include the following:
(1) Date of the application; and
(2) Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant, and the name and telephone number of the contact person such as manager or foreman; and
(3) The establishment's name and complete address (mailing and physical location) with telephone and facsimile numbers; and
(4) Signature of the applicant certifying compliance with the following requirements:
(A) Provide the annual entry permit number to the shipper of each load of swine in the shipment prior to shipment;
(B) All swine in each load of the shipment shall have official identification.
(C) Unload all swine at the slaughter facility within 24 hours after entering California without diversion;
(D) Slaughter all swine within 14 days of importation. Upon request, the State Veterinarian may grant exemptions to the 14-day limit on a case-by-case basis;
(E) Prohibit the movement of any live swine off the premises of the slaughter facility unless the State Veterinarian authorizes the specific movement after the receipt of a written request for such movement as specified in section 796.6(c); and
(F) Maintain accurate written records of any carcass thereof, or any live swine if authorized by the State Veterinarian in accordance with section 796.6(c) coming onto and going off the property of the slaughter facility. These records shall be retained for a period of 2 years and be made readily available for review upon request of state or federal officials. Records shall include, but not be limited to: bills of sale, certificates, shipping documents, and a log of shipments onto and off the premises.
1. For shipments onto the premises, the log shall include, but not be limited to: official identification for each animal; number of swine; date of shipment; and name, address, and telephone number of seller.
2. For shipments off of the premises, the log shall include, but not be limited to: number of carcasses leaving the premise; number of rendered animals; and number and official identification of any live animals leaving the premises in accordance with section 796.6(c).
(d) Approval of the annual import permit may be renewed every 12 months when the Department determines that the conditions of the agreement continue to be met by the slaughter plant, or until:
(1) The slaughter plant requests deactivation, or
(2) The Department or USDA determines the annual permit should be voided because of the slaughter plant's failure to comply with the agreement or these regulations, or
(3) Changes in federal or state law or regulations require elimination of or change in the status.
(e) Swine imported on an annual import permit may be inspected by the Department or USDA.
(f) The Department may amend the requirements for the annual import permit issued to slaughter plants in response to a change in disease status as determined by the State Veterinarian.


Note: Authority cited: Section 407 and 10781, Food and Agricultural Code. Reference: Sections 9561, 9562, 9570, 9574, 10721, 10722, 10723, 10724, 10725, 10726, 10751, 10752, 10753, 10781, 10782, 10783, 10784, 10785 and 10786, Food and Agricultural Code.
1. New section filed 3-1-2005; operative 3-31-2005 (Register 2005, No. 9).
This database is current through 5/10/24 Register 2024, No. 19.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 3, § 796.7, 3 CA ADC § 796.7
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