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§ 1237.1. Test Method.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 19. Public Safety
Division 1. State Fire Marshal
Chapter 8. Regulations Relating to Flame-Retardant Chemicals, Fabrics and Application Concerns
Article 3. Registration and Labeling of Chemicals
Test Requirements for Exterior Flame-Retardant Chemicals (when Applied to Standard Test Fabric)
19 CCR § 1237.1
§ 1237.1. Test Method.
(Small Scale Test.) The specimens shall be conditioned by suspending them in an oven having mechanical air circulation, at temperatures of 140 degrees to 145 degrees F. for not less than one hour, nor more than one and one-half hours. Materials which distort or melt at the above oven exposure shall be conditioned at 60 degrees to 80 degrees F. and 25 percent to 50 percent relative humidity for not less than 24 hours.
Six specimens, each not less than two and one-half inches (2 1/2 ”) x twelve and one-half inches (12 1/2 ”), shall be subjected to the fire resistance test. One half of each set of specimens shall be cut with the long dimension in the direction of the warp, and the other half with the long dimension in the direction of the filling.
The specimens shall be suspended vertically in a rack which covers the upper one-half inch (1/2 ”) of the length and holds the sides firmly to prevent curling, leaving a strip two inches (2 ”) x twelve inches (12 ”) exposed. To protect the specimens from drafts, the apparatus shall be enclosed in a sheet metal shield twelve inches (12 ”) wide, twelve inches (12 ”) deep, and thirty inches (30 ”) high, open at the top, and provided with a vertical sliding glass front. Sufficient room shall be left at the bottom of the front to allow manipulation of the gas burner used in igniting the specimens.
The specimens shall be suspended with their lower end three-quarters inch (3/4 ”) above the top of a three-eighths inch (3/8 ”) I.D. Bunsen or Tirril gas burner, with the air supply completely shut off, and adjusted to give a luminous flame one and one-half inches (1 1/2 ”) long. The flame shall be applied vertically at the center of the width of the lower end of the specimens for twelve (12) seconds, then withdrawn, and the duration of flaming in the specimens after withdrawal of the burner noted. After complete extinction of all flame and glow in the specimen, the length of char shall be measured, as specified in Federal Specifications CCC-T-191a, Supplement October 1945.
1. New section filed 11-10-60; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 60, No. 23).
This database is current through 6/17/22 Register 2022, No. 24
19 CCR § 1237.1, 19 CA ADC § 1237.1
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