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§ 18452.1. Exemption Certification for Beneficial Use Hauling of Used or Waste Tires.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 7. Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
Chapter 6. Permitting of Waste Tire Facilities and Waste Tire Hauler Registration and Tire Manifests
Article 8.5. Waste Tire Hauler Registration and Manifesting Requirements for Waste and Used Tire Haulers, Retreaders, Waste and Used Tire Generators, and Waste and Used Tire End-Use Facilities
14 CCR § 18452.1
§ 18452.1. Exemption Certification for Beneficial Use Hauling of Used or Waste Tires.
(a) A person wishing to qualify for an exemption from waste tire hauler registration under Sections 18451(e) shall certify in writing to the Department under penalty of perjury that they qualify for the beneficial use hauling exemption. This certification shall contain the following information:
(1) The name of the individual and/or business.
(2) The mailing address for the individual and/or business.
(3) The name of the contact person.
(4) The telephone number of the contact person.
(5) The number of vehicles used.
(6) The description of the business operation, including why the beneficial use exemption should be considered.
(7) A certification statement by the operator as follows: “The undersigned certifies under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information provided herein is true and correct.”
(8) The name and signature of the authorized agent on behalf of the business.
(9) The date of certification.
(b) Upon receipt of the certification letter, the Department will notify the applicant within 30 days if the certification for exemption is either:
(1) incomplete, and if so, what specific information is required,
(2) granted,
(3) denied, and if so, the reason(s) for denial.
(c) If the beneficial uses hauling exemption is granted, the Department shall issue a nontransferable Beneficial Use Hauling exemption letter to be carried in the vehicle(s) used to transport the used or waste tires. This document may be issued for a period of up to five years on a case by case basis. Failure to have a copy of this Exemption Letter in possession while transporting used and waste tires may subject the hauler to citation for unregistered used and waste tire hauling by local law enforcement and/or civil or administrative penalties by the Department.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 40502, 42966 and 43020, Public Resources Code. Reference: Section 42954, Public Resources Code.
1. New section filed 3-29-2010; operative 4-28-2010 (Register 2010, No. 14).
This database is current through 6/26/20 Register 2020, No. 26
14 CCR § 18452.1, 14 CA ADC § 18452.1
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