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Title 25. Housing and Community Development
Division 1. Housing and Community Development
Chapter 2. Mobilehome Parks and Installations
Article 1. Administration and Enforcement
25 CCR § 1020.9
§ 1020.9. Application and Fee Requirements for Accessory Building, Foundations System, or Engineered Tiedown System Standard Plan Approvals.
(a) A standard plan approval is available from the department for a plan for an accessory building or structure constructed and installed pursuant to this article and Article 9 of this chapter, for a foundation system installed pursuant to Section 18551 of the Health and Safety Code, and Section 1333(d) of this chapter, and for an engineered tiedown system designed pursuant to section 1336.3 of this chapter.
(b) In order to obtain a standard plan approval, the applicant shall submit to the department the following items:
(1) A completed application for standard plan approval on the form, as defined in Section 1002 of this chapter, designated by the department.
(2) Three (3) copies of the plans, specifications, and installation instructions, if applicable, and two (2) copies of the design calculations, when required, to substantiate the design. Specifications shall be shown on the plan. Design calculations shall be submitted separately from the plan sheet.
(3) An application fee of two hundred three dollars ($203) for each plan.
(4) Plan check fee for initial, resubmission, or renewal. Two hundred three dollars ($203) providing the related plan check does not exceed one hour. Where the related plan check exceeds one hour, the following fees shall apply:
(A) Second and subsequent whole hours: ninety-two dollars ($92).
(B) Each thirty (30) minutes, or fractional part thereof: forty-six dollars ($46).
(5) Additional plan check fees shall be due and payable prior to the issuance of a plan approval or a revised plan approval, if more than one (1) hour is required to conduct the plan check.
(6) When plans and specifications fail to comply with the requirements of this chapter, the enforcement agency shall notify the applicant in writing, stating in what respects the plans do not comply. The applicant shall correct the plans and/or specifications and resubmit them to the enforcement agency or withdraw them from consideration, forfeiting all submitted fees.
(7) An Identification Label of Approval shall be provided for each accessory building or structure to be manufactured under the standard plan approval and each accessory building or structure shall have an approved identification label of approval attached in a visible location.
(8) The actual identification label shall be submitted to the department for approval with the application for a standard plan approval prior to issuance of the approval. The approved identification label of approval shall:
(A) be not less in size than three (3) inches by one and one-half (1 1/2) inches;
(B) contain the following information, as applicable;
(C) be provided by the manufacturer and be permanently imprinted with the information required by this section;
(9) The identification label of approval shall be either Type I, II, or III as specified in this section, each capable of a ten-year life expectancy when exposed to ordinary outdoor environments. Letters and numbers shall be bold Gothic or similar style, varied for emphasis, as large as space permits, with the minimum size being 5/64 inches. Wording shall be easily read and concise. Where permanent type adhesives are used on Type I, II, or III plates, adhesives shall have a minimum thickness of .004 inches, and the plates shall be affixed to a relatively smooth surface.
(A) Type I. Rigid metal plates affixed by screws, rivets, or permanent type adhesives. Minimum size: One and one-half (1 1/2) inches by three (3) inches by .020 inches thick net dimensions (inside fastener heads). Material: Aluminum, brass or stainless steel etched, stamped, engraved, or embossed to 0.015 inches minimum depth differential, color anodized or enamel filled.
(B) Type II. Flexible metal plates affixed by permanent adhesives, either pressure sensitive acrylics or solvent activated resins.
Minimum Size: .005 inches by one and one-half (1 1/2) inches by three (3) inches. Material: Aluminum foil etched or stamped to .001 inches minimum depth differential with color anodized background.
(C) Type III. Metallized Mylar (polyester), surface bonded.
Minimum Size: .003 inches by one and one-half (1 1/2) inches by three (3) inches.
Material: Aluminum/vinyl surface bonded (to be used for nameplates where variable information is required by embossing, which can be done with a conventional typewriter). Minimum Size: .006 inches by one and one-half (1 1/2 ) inches by three (3) inches.
(c) Plans submitted to the department shall be on sheets of paper no smaller than eight and one-half (8 1/2) inches by eleven (11) inches, and no larger than thirty (30) inches by forty-two (42) inches.
(1) Plans shall indicate the details of connections, dimensions, footings, foundations, general notes and method of installation necessary for the design and construction of the system.
(2) A plan shall indicate only one model or type of system.
(3) Each plan sheet shall provide a space not less than three (3) inches by three (3) inches for the department's standard plan approval stamp and number.
(4) When the design of the system requires an engineering analysis of structural parts and methods of construction, such as required for an engineered tiedown system or engineered accessory building or structure, the plans, specifications, and calculations shall be signed by an architect or engineer.
(5) Each plan shall be identified by a model number.
(d) If an application or plans are incomplete or do not conform to this chapter, the applicant shall be notified in writing within ten (10) working days of the date they are received by the department. The applicant shall resubmit a corrected application or plans within ninety (90) days of the notice, or within ninety (90) days of any subsequent notification relating to a resubmittal, along with the fees required by Section 1020.9 of this section.
(e) Should the applicant cancel the application for the standard plan approval prior to obtaining department approval, all fees submitted will be retained by the department for services rendered.
(f) A standard plan approval shall expire twenty-four (24) months from the date of the department's approval as designated on the department's stamp of approval placed on the plans.
(g) A standard plan approval may be renewed on or before the expiration date by submitting an application, together with three (3) copies of the plan as required by subsections (b)(1) and (2), and a renewal fee of two hundred three dollars ($203).
(1) Renewal of a standard plan approval is permitted only when the plan submitted is identical to the plan on file with the department.
(2) Each plan submitted for renewal shall provide a space not less than three (3) inches by three (3) inches for the department's standard plan approval stamp and number.
(3) When a standard plan approval is renewed, the department-issued number shall remain the same.
(h) An application for approval of revisions to a standard plan approval, which does not change the structural system or method of the system's construction, and is submitted prior to the approval's expiration date, shall be submitted with the following documentation:
(1) three (3) copies of the revised plan and specifications;
(2) two (2) copies of the revised design calculations, as required by subsection (b)(2); and
(3) the plan check fee, for the first hour, for each plan.
(i) An applicant with a revised standard plan approval shall submit the following to the department:
(1) an application for a standard plan approval as specified in subsection (b)(1) above;
(2) copies as specified in subsections (h)(1) and (2) above; and
(3) a resubmission fee, as specified in Section 1020.9 above, for each plan.
(j) A revised plan submitted pursuant to Section 1020.9 above, shall be processed as provided by subsection (h) or subsection (i), depending upon whether or not the changes to the plan are substantive. A plan submitted after the final expiration shall be processed as a new application with appropriate fees assessed.
(k) When amendment of applicable laws or the department's regulations requires changes to an approved plan, the department shall:
(1) notify the applicant of the changes, and
(2) allow the applicant one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of notification to submit a revised plan for approval or until the expiration date of the standard plan approval, whichever occurs first.
(l) Written approval shall be evidenced by the department's stamp of approval on the plans. The stamp of approval shall include a unique department-issued standard plan approval identification number for each approved plan, specification, or installation instruction.
(m) Standard plan approval for each accessory building or structure, foundation system, or engineered tiedown system is contingent upon compliance with the requirements of this article. The department may conduct inspections to determine compliance with an approved plan. Violation of any of the provisions of this article or variations from an approved plan shall be cause for cancellation of the standard plan approval.
(n) Reproductions of an approved plan bearing a department-issued standard plan approval for the purpose of obtaining a permit to construct a foundation system or accessory building or structure shall be clear and legible.
(o) When an applicant who has obtained a standard plan approval discontinues the business, has notified the department, or the department makes that determination, the standard plan approval shall be canceled.
(p) The department shall be notified of any change in the name of an applicant or change in name or ownership of an applicant's business. The department may grant a standard plan approval to the new owner, if the new owner provides a written certification that the accessory building or structure foundation system or engineered tiedown system will be constructed in accordance with the existing standard plan approval and submits the completed form designated by the department, together with a ten dollar ($10) fee. The certification, application, and fee shall be submitted for each plan with a separate standard plan approval.
(q) An applicant shall notify the department, in writing, within ten (10) days of any change to their address. The notification shall be accompanied with a ten dollar ($10) change of address fee.
(r) Plans with a standard plan approval from the department shall be accepted by the enforcement agency as approved for the purpose of obtaining a construction permit when the design loads and allowable soil conditions specified in the plans are consistent with the requirements for the locality. Local enforcement agencies shall not require the original signature or stamp of the architect or engineer on a standard plan approved by the department.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 18300, 18502, 18502.5, 18551 and 18613.4, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 18502, 18502.5, 18551, 18552 and 18613.4, Health and Safety Code.
1. Renumbering of former section 1026 to new section 1020.9, including amendment of section heading, section and Note, filed 7-6-2004; operative 7-6-2004 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2004, No. 28).
2. Amendment of section heading and section filed 12-29-2005; operative 1-1-2006 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2005, No. 52).
3. Amendment of subsection (r) filed 2-19-2013; operative 4-1-2013 (Register 2013, No. 8).
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25 CCR § 1020.9, 25 CA ADC § 1020.9
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