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§ 489. Project Feasibility Meeting.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 2. Department of Water Resources
Chapter 2.5.1. California Safe Drinking Water Bond Law of 1984
23 CCR § 489
§ 489. Project Feasibility Meeting.
(a) Before the contract is executed the supplier must conduct a Project Feasibility Meeting to inform the public of the purpose of the proposed project and to provide a forum for public comment on the need for the project and means of financing the project. A Project Feasibility Meeting is not required if the supplier is required by law to hold an election before entering into the loan contract. For investor-owned utilities, meetings or hearings held by the Public Utilities Commission may serve as Project Feasibility Meetings.
(b) Before a Project Feasibility Meeting, the supplier shall:
(1) Make available information describing the project in a form and location that will enable the water users to review it and to make appropriate comments. The information must be made available for a period of at least fifteen days before the Project Feasibility Meeting.
(2) Establish a date for the meeting agreeable to the Department and Department of Health Services.
(3) Notify the Department, the Department of Health Services and appropriate county health agencies in writing at least twenty calendar days before the meeting, and notify all water users and the local news media in writing at least fifteen calendar days before the meeting. The notice shall state: the date, time, location, and purpose of the meeting and the location of information describing the project for review by the water users. Sample notice forms will be provided by the Department.
(4) Obtain a meeting place of sufficient size and at a convenient location to accommodate the anticipated attendance.
(c) The agenda of the meeting shall include the following matters: (1) A discussion of applicable public health and water works standards, existing and potential health hazards associated with the water system, how the proposed project will bring the system to minimum health standards, and alternative solutions to the problem. (2) The supplier shall describe the proposed project in detail, using maps, charts, and other illustrative devices, if appropriate. The discussion shall include the costs, sources of funds, the amount of the loan-grant commitment, and changes in water costs resulting from the project.
(3) A representative of the State may describe the Act, the State's role in its administration and the Department's recommendation regarding the supplier's loan application. Persons present at the meeting shall be permitted to ask questions regarding all subjects discussed at the meeting.
(d) If no representative of the Department is present at the meeting, the supplier shall submit an official written report to the Department describing the meeting and its outcome including the results of any vote taken.
Note: Authority cited: Section 13834, Water Code. Reference: Section 13834, Water Code.
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23 CCR § 489, 23 CA ADC § 489
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