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§ 5572. Hearing Record.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 18. Public Revenues
Division 2.1. State Board of Equalization - Rules for Tax Appeals
Chapter 5. General Procedures for Board Action
Article 7. Correspondence, Public Hearing Records, and Copies
18 CCR § 5572
§ 5572. Hearing Record.
(a) Meetings of the Board are held in accordance with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act (Gov. Code, §§ 11120-11132). Public Agenda Notices issued for, minutes and transcripts of, and documents incorporated into the record of oral hearings conducted during open session at public meetings are public records and open to public inspection. Documents to which a waiver described in section 5573 applies are also disclosable public records.
(b) Minutes of public meetings are the official record of each meeting. Minutes are presented to the Board for approval. The approved minutes are posted on the Internet at www.boe.ca.gov and a complete set of approved minutes are bound into one or more volumes. The bound volumes of Board minutes are the permanent record of Board actions. They are available for review in the Board Proceedings Division and the State Archives.
(c) Transcripts.
(1) In general, the Board records its oral hearings. However, the recordings are not generally transcribed. Transcripts of hearings, administrative sessions, and Chief Counsel Matters are prepared only upon written request.
(2) Interested persons may submit a written request for Board Staff to prepare transcripts described in paragraph (1) of this subdivision. Such requests must specifically identify the matters to be transcribed.
(3) If Board Staff is able to prepare a transcript of a recorded hearing, the Board will charge a fee to prepare the requested transcript in accordance with section 5576.
(4) The Board encourages the use of electronic means (e.g., facsimile, e-mail, etc.) for the filing of requests for transcripts. A request for a transcript may be filed electronically pursuant to this section if an electronic copy of such document is transmitted to the Board Proceedings Division in accordance with instructions provided on the Board's website at www.boe.ca.gov. Written requests for transcripts may also be hand delivered to the Board's headquarters at 450 N Street, in Sacramento, California, or mailed to the following address:
State Board of Equalization
Attn: Transcript Coordinator
Board Proceedings Division, MIC: 80
P. O. Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279-0081
(5) A transcript prepared pursuant to this section is a public record and subject to disclosure.
(6) Completed transcripts, untranscribed shorthand notes, and recordings are retained up to 12 years following the hearing date. Written requests for copies of previously completed transcripts should be sent to the address provided in paragraph (4) of this subdivision. The Board will charge a fee in accordance with section 5576 for copying a completed transcript.
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1. New section filed 1-7-2008; operative 2-6-2008 (Register 2008, No. 2).
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18 CCR § 5572, 18 CA ADC § 5572
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