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§ 2762.2. Process Hazard Analysis [PHA].

19 CA ADC § 2762.2Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 19. Public Safety
Division 2. California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Chapter 4.5. California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program Detailed Analysis
Article 6.5. Program 4 Prevention Program
19 CCR § 2762.2
§ 2762.2. Process Hazard Analysis [PHA].
(a) The owner or operator shall perform and document an effective PHA appropriate to the complexity of each process in order to identify, evaluate, and control hazards associated with each process. All initial PHAs for processes not previously covered under Article 6.0 shall be completed within three years of the effective date of this Article, in accordance with this section. PHAs performed in accordance with the requirements of Article 6.0 shall satisfy the initial PHA requirements of this section. All modes of operation as set forth in subsection 2762.3(a)(1) shall be covered by the PHA. The owner or operator shall determine and document the priority order for conducting PHAs based on the extent of process hazards, the number of potentially affected people, the age of the process and the process operating history.
(b) The owner or operator shall work with the UPA in selecting and using at least one of the following methods:
(1) What-If;
(2) Checklist;
(3) What-If / Checklist;
(4) Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP);
(5) Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA);
(6) Fault Tree Analysis;
(7) Other PHA methods recognized by engineering organizations or governmental agencies.
(c) The PHA shall address:
(1) The hazards of the process;
(2) Previous publicly documented incidents in the petroleum refinery and petrochemical industry sector that are relevant to the PHA;
(3) Damage Mechanism Review reports pursuant to subsection 2762.5(e) that are applicable to the process units;
(4) Hierarchy of Hazard Control Analysis reports pursuant to section 2762.13 that are applicable to the process units;
(5) A review of Management of Change documents completed since the last PHA that apply to the process unit.
(6) Potential consequences of failures of process equipment;
(7) Facility siting, including the placement of processes, equipment, buildings, employee occupancies and work stations in order to effectively protect employees and the public from process safety hazards;
(8) Human factors as required under section 2762.15;
(9) A qualitative evaluation of the types, severity, and likelihood of possible incidents that could result from a failure of a process or of process equipment;
(10) The potential effects of external events, including seismic events, if applicable; and
(11) The findings of incident investigations relevant to the process.
(d) The PHA shall be performed by a team with expertise in engineering and process operations and shall include at least one operating employee who currently works or provides training in the unit, and has experience and knowledge specific to the process being evaluated. The team shall also include one member with expertise in the specific PHA method being used. As necessary, the team shall consult with individuals with expertise in damage mechanisms, process chemistry, and control systems. The owner or operator shall provide for employee participation in this process, pursuant to section 2762.10.
(e) For each scenario in the PHA that identifies the potential for a major incident, the owner or operator shall perform a Safeguard Protection Analysis (SPA) pursuant to section 2762.2.1. Upon completion of the SPA, append SPA recommendations to PHA report.
(f) For all recommendations made by the PHA team for each scenario that identifies the potential for a major incident, the owner or operator shall conduct in a timely manner a Hierarchy of Hazard Control Analysis pursuant to section 2762.13.
(g) The team shall document its findings and recommendations in a report, which shall be available in the respective work area for review by any person working in that area.
(h) The PHA report shall include: (1) the method, analyses and factors considered by the PHA team; (2) the findings of the PHA team; and (3) the PHA team's recommendations.
(i) Except as required in (f), the owner or operator shall follow the corrective action work process documented in subsections 2762.16 (d) and (e) when resolving the PHA team's findings and recommendations, determining action items for implementation, tracking to completion, and documentation of closeout.
(j) At least once every five (5) years, a written PHA shall be updated and revalidated in accordance with the requirements of this section, to ensure that the PHA is consistent with the current process.
(k) The owner or operator shall retain for the life of the process all PHAs and PHA updates and revalidations for each process covered by this section. This information shall contain the documented resolution of recommendations as appendices described in subsections 2762.16 (d) and (e).


Note: Authority cited: Section 8585, Government Code; and Sections 25531 and 25534.05, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Section 8585, Government Code; Section 25531, Health and Safety Code; and Section 68.67, Part 68, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations.
1. New section filed 8-3-2017; operative 10-1-2017 (Register 2017, No. 31).
This database is current through 9/22/23 Register 2023, No. 38.
Cal. Admin. Code tit. 19, § 2762.2, 19 CA ADC § 2762.2
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