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§ 370.12. Moving Payments to Individuals and Families.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 2. Department of Water Resources
Chapter 1.6. Relocation Assistance Program
Article 2. Relocation Payments
23 CCR § 370.12
§ 370.12. Moving Payments to Individuals and Families.
(a) General. A displaced individual or family eligible under Section 370.11 (a) is entitled to receive a payment for moving his personal property, himself and his family. Such displaced persons have the option of payment on the basis of actual, reasonable moving expenses or a moving expense schedule.
(b) Actual, Reasonable Moving Expenses.
(1) Moves by For-Hire Carriers. A displaced individual or family may be paid the actual, reasonable cost of a move accomplished by for-hire carriers. The displaced person may elect, with Department approval, either of the following options:
(A) The displaced person shall secure at least two estimates from responsible for-hire carriers and submit them to the Department for approval prior to the move. The Department will authorize payment for the move based on the lowest of such bids or estimates.
Payment shall be made by the Department upon presentation of the paid, receipted and itemized bill after the claimant has moved from the premises.
If this creates a financial hardship on the displacees, the Department will secure an assignment from the displacee to allow direct payment to be made to the mover upon presentation of itemized bills after claimant has moved from the premises.
(B) The displaced person shall be given a moving service authorization by the Department and may select a for-hire carrier from the list of eligible for-hire carriers established by the Department. When the for-hire carrier has completed the move, the original moving service authorization will be returned to the Department by the for-hire carrier with the itemized moving cost bill. The Department shall pay the for-hire carrier directly. Such moves shall be at the minimum rates, rules and regulations prescribed and established by the California Public Utilities Commission.
(2) Self Moves. In the case of a self move the displaced individual or family may be paid his actual moving costs, supported by receipted bills or other evidence of expenses incurred but such payment may not exceed the estimated cost of moving commercially. The estimated cost may be prepared by a commercial moving company or, when not in excess of $1,000, by a qualified Department employee other than the employee handling the claim.
(3) Cost of Transportation of Displacee. The costs of transportation of displaced individuals and families to the new location are also eligible. Such costs may be on a mileage basis, not to exceed 15 cents per mile, or reasonable, actual fees if commercial transport is used and may include special services such as the cost of an ambulance to transport displaced invalids.
(4) Cost of Meals and Lodging. The actual reasonable costs of meals and lodging are eligible when the Department determines such costs are required because of unforeseen circumstances or practical necessities of the moving operation.
(c) Moving Expense Schedules.
(1) In lieu of actual and reasonable moving expense, any individual or family displaced from a dwelling unit may elect to receive a payment which shall cover all items and incidentals necessary to the vacating of the property acquired according to the following:
(A) A moving expense allowance not to exceed $300 and determined in accordance with established Federal Highway Administration schedules maintained by the California Department of Transportation, and
(B) A dislocation allowance of $200.
(2) The owner-occupant of a multi-family dwelling may elect to receive payment for his own dwelling unit under this Section, and is eligible to receive payment under Section 370.13 for his personal property in other units of the multi-family dwelling.
Note: Authority cited: Section 7267.8, Government Code. Reference: Section 7268, Government Code.
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23 CCR § 370.12, 23 CA ADC § 370.12
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